Sabat Magazine

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What makes a modern witch? Sabat is a fascinating magazine exploring contemporary witchcraft through interviews, essays, articles and visual culture, much of which today derives from Tumblr and Instagram.

As well as defining the contemporary witch the magazine aims to encourage or inspire self-development in its readers, to find their powers within. Sabat Magazine overturns common or stereotypical perceptions of the occult and paganism and reveals a range of different aesthetic expressions of the movement. There's no hocus pocus here although it's very black and white with heavily serifed, bookish typography Sabat feels fresh, modern and in touch.

The Sabat series is made up of a self-contained series of three volumes (The Maiden Issue, The Mother Issue and The Crone) and an ongoing collection of related print projects such as tarot and posters. Just out is the 6th incarnation, Waiting for the Temple, inspired by the esoteric inclinations of Swedish painter Hilda of Klint. This small hardcover volume curates the work of six artists who present their personal visions of modern witchcraft. If you're a fan of the Sabat trilogy you'll enjoy how this one has been put together.

Sabat Magazine is a collection of printed volumes that unites Witchcraft and Feminism with Ancient Archetypes and Immediate Art.

Each book contains 192 pages plus a poster and measures 20.2 x 28.5 cm.


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