The Empress Session

$681.00 USD

The Empress: Your Path to Prosperous Business and Creative Mastery

Includes Three One Hour Sessions

Step into the realm of The Empress, an exclusive and personalised consultation journey designed for visionary women who aspire to excel in the world of business and creative ventures. Are you ready to breathe life into your entrepreneurial dreams, launch your business with confidence, or expand your creative endeavours to new heights? Join me, Brooke (founder of The Ritual), for a transformative experience where we'll co-create a future of abundance, purpose, and success.

In this immersive three-part consultation, we'll delve deep into the heart of your vision. You'll receive expert guidance on everything from crafting the perfect name for your enterprise to developing a compelling brand identity that resonates with your audience. Together, we'll build a rock-solid foundation, ensuring that your business operates efficiently and effectively.

Drawing from my own international success as a renowned brand, I'll share invaluable insights and knowledge that will empower you to reach your goals without sacrificing precious family time or personal relationships. We'll harness the wisdom of The Empress archetype to guide you through each meeting, nurturing your creativity, and helping you overcome challenges with grace and resilience.

Let The Empress lead the way as you embrace the balance of a prosperous business or creative venture while being a devoted present Woman in all areas of your life. Elevate your journey with this exclusive offering and let's manifest your destiny together.

**Also available as a two part payment plan**


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Behind the Veil by Brooke is a medium where founder of THE RITUAL, Brooke Skinner shares her sacred temple work, processes and practices to live a more sovereign, mindful and beautiful life.

This private space has been created to share from an intimate voice, unfiltered and, as the name suggests, to peek behind the veil of The Ritual and summon beauty and presence into all areas of ones life.

Dive deeper into the world of Ritual, Self-Care, Earth-Based Spirituality and the things Brooke cherishes most.