Ritual Smoke Incense Kit ™

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Ritual Smoke is the signature scent of The Ritual. 

Resin is the tree's lifeblood, healing wounds and afflictions whilst protecting against infection. Whether in ritual or in ceremony or throughout our homes and sacred spaces, when we burn resin, we activate these protective, healing properties for ourselves. 

Our carefully blended combination of resins emits a beautiful, fragrant smoke that clears energies whilst connecting us with our higher consciousness and spiritual realms. We have mindfully curated this sacred blend of particular plant resins to provide you with the ultimate mix of protection, nurturing, eradication, mediation and attraction. 

Ritual Smoke links us to thousands of years past and the ancient roots of ceremony, and the potent mysteries of Mother Earth. Ritual Smoke helps us heal, bringing balance and protection to our journey by creating peace and harmony within and around us. 

Ritual Smoke is ideal for use in your sacred space and the perfect addition for practising your personal art of ritual. 

The Ritual Smoke Blend is a mixture of the following potent plant resins: Frankincense, Myrrh, Opoponax, Dark Coppal & Dragons Blood. 

Kit contains:

Brass Burner

30g Resin (enough to last months);

6 Charcoal tablets;

Charcoal tongs;

Written cleansing ritual instructions.

All presented in our signature black gift box sealed with gold wax.

Ritual Smoke Resin and charcoal refills are available here

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