"Moon Mail is not really workshop, I think that is selling it short; it is so deeply profound that shares history with the most potent ritual practices I've ever experienced. The content and information provided is simply unparalleled. Brooke's unique approach makes each teaching feel like a rediscovery of the ancient wisdom that connects us all. Her offerings are transformative; I was feeling lost and disconnected from my body, but through Moon Mail, through her knowledge, I've found a way back to myself in the most empowering and grounded way. There’s no ego, no guru mentality is it not like you are being taught at all, its like she is your friend and your sitting with her while she shares some really cool stories. You are one in a lifetime Brooke, thank you so so very much. — Emma, United Kingdom

"Attending Moon Mail has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Brooke delivers not just a workshop but a deep dive into the different lineages of history, combined with incredibly potent ritual practices. Each session is packed with content, making it feel like a comprehensive journey rather than a mere presentation. Before Moon Mail, I felt adrift, disconnected from my inner self and the rhythms of nature. Brooke's teachings have brought me back to my core, allowing me to reconnect in a powerful, self-affirming way. Her authenticity and absence of any 'woo-woo' pretense make each moment truly transformative and grounding." Sophie, USA