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Founder of The Ritual, Brooke Skinner, has spent over a decade researching and gathering resources to understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit. Working within the Fashion industry, she found herself in complete burnout mode, chronically ill and undergoing life-saving surgery. This grey period in her life inspired a deepening of her neurobiology studies, psychotherapy, herbalism, energy work and kundalini yoga. Combining all her knowledge established a deep desire to bridge the gap between spirituality and science. 


Now a renowned teacher and trainer within the spiritual community, Brooke continues to help support others in returning to the sacredness within and empowering others through the art of luxuriating and ritual. Her philosophy is that when we are acquainted with our inner mystery, and when we choose to slow down moments within our daily lives, we begin to understand that we are the one who creates our reality. Within our lives, there are so many opportunities to set intentions and shift our perspectives. From the simplest acts to the most desired, they can all be infused with meaning if we allow them to be.


Founder and Creative Director

The past 10 years have been about refinement, education and reconnecting with my senses, my body, my Sacred Feminine. From all this learning, repatterning and self-liberation I have found the importance of Ritual. This is why I have created this platform for us to awaken and deepen our connection to self and connect with the parts that we as a collective have had to swallow so deep just to survive. 

"As a woman I have had my fair share of adversities, I have swum through the trenches and been frozen by my own traumas, they once defined who I was, how I behaved, who I associated with and even the way I looked. In order to process and move on from the adversities I faced, I learned very intelligently how to disassociate, how to disconnect from my body, to become numb and one hell of a tough bitch. It was my way of self-protection".

I see you, I hear you, I respect you...Welcome to The Ritual.


Editorial Director

Alessia is an artist and writer based in Montréal, Canada. With a tendency toward the romantic but never without some Scorpio spice, she always seeks to infuse a little bit of magick within her creations and offerings. Along with her supporting role behind the scenes as Editorial Director for The Ritual and working alongside Brooke throughout various facets of her business, she is also the author of La Vanité, un boudoir de magie, featuring stories of beauty, romantic love letters and thought-filled reflections.

"Alessia is my dearest friend and a pure gift from the Divine. She takes the time to document the words that come out of my mouth and archive them safely, for later use and reference and somehow in a beautiful and subtle way creates space for my ideas to flow rapidly. She is my 'réflexion de la lumière' the foil of The Ritual, reflecting everything back with clarity and brilliance." - Brooke


The Ritual is an offering of many limbs – a web weaved into a beautiful tapestry of creations to support the journey of discovering our identity and receiving clarity for our life assignment and life’s visions. This discovery and clarity comes from the healing that takes place from living a life infused with intention and presence and allowing our feelings to be recognised and felt. Connecting with our senses through acts of intentional self-care is truly an empowering way to heal, gifting us the ability to reconnect with our bodies and to sensitise and reassociate with the Natural world around us - which we are a part of.

Ritual, although encompassing ceremony and action, does not have to be elaborate. For example, the simple act of lighting a candle while stating your name out loud instantly merges the emotional and physical aspects of ourselves into the present moment. A cup of tea or coffee made to start one’s day becomes a Ritual when we interact with it intentionally by infusing the cup with words of self-love and encouragement in its preparation and consumption. The moment’s pause of closing our eyes and connecting to our breath before beginning a task brings us down to Earth, instantly grounding us in the present moment and helping us to become embodied.

Living busy lives in a modern high-tech world further distracts us from our roots and the ancestral wisdom we all have access to. When we live our lives in a cyclical way, just as nature does, we deepen the wisdom and magick within that builds our Agency of Self. The natural world is always whispering to us, teaching us and holding us. Nature is our access point. Connect with who you are away from titles, descriptions, experiences and cultural structures and be reminded of the Magick that lies within.

Our Impact

Recognising the Earth as the Goddess, we honour her incredible dedication and unwavering generosity. The Ritual holds the Earth in high regard, as the centre of how we choose to live our lives and everything we build to create and sustain life. This is not just our way of life; this is our religion, our core beliefs to be in kinship with Nature and see her as a being that sustains life.

You can read more about our practices here

“It is my intention that we all return to the sacredness within and know the incredible vastness we hold, the art of ritual is the vessel that supports us in cultivating that connection. Let this be your invitation to honour the power and grace within. Ritual takes these very aspects of our Self and transmutes them into something sacred, something new. It is the physical act of Alchemy- it contains the adaptability and the strength to hold and contain that which we can not with thought alone.” - Brooke