- Earth Centred Living -

Recognising the Earth as the Goddess, we honour her incredible dedication and unwavering generosity. The Ritual holds the Earth in high regard, as the centre of how we choose to live our lives and everything we build to create and sustain life. This is not just our way of life; this is our religion, our core beliefs to be in kinship with Nature and see her as a being that sustains life.

My personal practice is rooted in Earth-based spirituality, and so all my products are of the Earth, ingredients sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.


As a business, we have a detailed list of fundamentals and non-negotiables that we follow to show our reverence and respect for the Earth and all of those involved in creating and harvesting her bounty. Here are just a few steps and stories behind what we do that are the Ethos we stand by to honour and respect her - Earth as the Goddess.



Our Atelier is on the same block of land as our family home, reducing overheads, the need for extra footprint, and the resources associated with commercial spaces. This also means we have complete control over our carbon footprint, which has been carbon neutral since 2021.

All our power comes from renewable solar energy. We are a 100% organic and chemical-free family, and thus carry this over into our work. With our move soon to France, we are working towards being Carbon Positive and not having to outsource any of our herbs and plant material.

As a family, this is our way of life—we have built homes with our bare hands with timber milled off our own lands, used building biology and Passivhaus techniques (my husband is a Designer specialising in clean, healthy Passivhaus designs), we have lived off-grid relying on only nature to provide with no back up to rely on. We lived this way for several years. 

Our next mission was to live with the same ethos but apply it to an existing dwelling to document and show how it could be achieved in any house with the proper consideration, techniques and design. This is the home we reside in now and where we run The Ritual from.

It is a separate passion of ours to help families live in healthy homes without the need to have millions in the bank and start from scratch. It is a separate project that we have been working silently on for years, and that will come into the public light after our relocation to the South of France (keep your eyes peeled for this baby).

Alongside all this, we prefer to grow our seasonal food, raise chickens and grow our own medicines, where a good percentage of the herbs and ingredients used to create The Ritual's products come from.

We are currently in the process of creating a type of authentication document that comes with your product telling you where the ingredients came from, when they were harvested, who they were harvested by and when the product was bottled—a little bit more insight to build a deeper reverence for the slow, mindful care that is taken with what we do.


As a woman with one kidney, clean water is crucial to my survival and thus carefully considered in our production. We have a pretty fancy filtration system that removes all chlorine, fluoride, chemicals and bacteria, making our water alive and of the highest standard (think of the purest spring water you can imagine, sweet to taste).

We do not use any chemicals, the strongest item used for cleaning our equipment or at all is straight clean detergent and vinegar with good old boiling water. We sterilise our jars and bottles with high heat that eliminates the need for toxic and harsh chemicals. We do not use chlorinated or fluoridated water in any of our processes.

Our beeswax candles have been poured by hand and filtered with rainwater to not tarnish the medicinal properties of the organic beeswax.


A conscious effort has been made to ensure local production on our property in micro batches. We make-to-order in most cases and only have enough ready-made stock to last two weeks of online sales. 

Labels and the product boxes are made from FSC paper, and each product is carefully curated, labelled and packaged by both my husband's and my hands alone. Sometimes they may be a little wonky; this is the nature of slow, artisanal handmade items, done with a steady hand and a careful eye.

We have chosen to use UV Miron Glass as our primary packaging, which does come at a cost, however, there is nothing like it on the market that works as well as it does to naturally preserve the contents by blocking UV light. In fact, it was used by the ancient Egyptians. Using Miron Glass means that we do not need to use additives to extend the shelf life of our products.

We have strived to eliminate the use of plastics wherever possible and ensure any plastics used are either recyclable or derived from non-petrochemical sources. Sadly the manufacturing market is not as up to speed as we would like, and this results in not being able to find screw top lids and pumps that do not contain plastic that actually works.


Rather than creating a product and then sourcing the ingredients at the best price, we choose to find the component we wish to work with the most and research the highest quality of this component and then take time to think long and hard about what product we could create around this component. I ask myself in a ceremonial setting how does this ingredient want to come through? What Ritual does it want to evoke and share with others?

Creating in this way has meant that the ingredients we use are of the highest quality we can possibly source. It also means we have become rather resourceful and do not need shelves and shelves of ingredients. 

We use organic ingredients always and take that further by choosing food-grade ingredients (literally ingredients used to make food) to better capture the intention of what we want to create. Truly clean and safe.

Although we currently purchase some of our herb ingredients from a medicinal supplier, we prefer to use wild crafted where possible.



There is a lot of talk from companies at present about sustainability and eco-friendly, environment first speech, greenwashing... (we have severed business relationships over this very act) companies not being honest with what they are doing, using it as marketing tactics and in no way practising what they preach, exit stage left.

As hard as it can be in a sea of giants feeling like a little spec of plankton against mighty wales, this is our way of life. When you are faced with death from a life-threatening disease and illness, you are forced to radically change your ways and see the world from a different perspective. For the past 12 years, we have lived cleanly, without chemicals, choosing an organic, natural way of living. It has come with many challenges and social barriers. However, this is how we choose to live, in sync with nature, honouring the Goddess and her bounty and doing her no harm, leaving her in a better place than when we started.

Living in this way, through this ethos, has changed our career paths and the choices we make as a family and is one of the main reasons we are choosing to relocate to France. To have more space to grow this business and our relationship with the products we choose to create. And let's be honest, it is one-third the cost of living there and the amount of organic farming and home we can purchase in this region far out ways anything we can buy here in Australia. Making this decision frees up resources and time so we can tend to the Earth more significantly, passing something onto our children that may be able to outlive them in the current climate.

As time passes, I will continue communicating our movements, changes and implementations along the way. Reading about the journey of other like-minded individuals on the web is what inspired me to make the changes I have, and perhaps it may also ignite a spark within you.


Each candle within the ritual kits is hand-poured in Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia with organic beeswax that is some of the cleanest beeswax in the world. Why? Because it is made using only harvested rainwater to filter the beeswax in most cases, chlorinated water is used in the processing that ultimately removes all of the critical properties. 

The entire process of making these beeswax candles is done by only solar power with absolutely no wastage. The beehives are spread out over hectares of organic forest, which results in beautifully subtle colour variations in the wax from season to season, showcasing the seasonal fauna the bees have foraged. The smell is like pure honey infusing your space and just further adds to the ritualistic experience.


We have carefully sourced palo santo that has only been processed from trees that have died naturally in the forest through a family cooperative in Ecuador. This family-run cooperative uses all shards of Palo Santo (created during processing) to turn into dust for incense and extracts for perfume making. They work tirelessly to protect the Amazon and spend profits on replanting trees. Nothing is wasted, and everything is done with respect to Nature and the life of the Tree.

The trees harvested die naturally after approximately 30 years and are left to lay on the ground for 3-4 years to harden and their oils to concentrate. We believe that our Palo Santo is the best one could find and has the sweetest smell from the tenderly care given to its life, processing and protection. Those who have used our Palo Santo can not use any others on the market and thus have a more profound experience when using this sacred tree for ceremonial and ritual work.

Sadly the majority of Palo Santo on the market is harvested illegally for maximum profit and then gives the use of Palo Santo a bad rep. However, when you source a product that helps to rehabilitate this devastation and honour the sacredness of the plant by an indigenous family-run cooperative, it is of great beneficial relevance to do so.


Our Sage sticks are either homegrown (when the season permits) or ethically grown on an organic farm in California that complies with CA PC384(a). The Sage we source when we can not grow enough on our own is farmed in the same way any organic herb is privately cultivated. Seeds are saved from previous flowers and replanted each season for a once of year's harvest. This is a slow way to grow White Sage and is costly, but it's the most respectful to the plant and the environment and why we have partnered with this grower.

We are aiming to grow 100% of our own Sage on our new farm in the South of Frace once we have relocated. We have designed a growing system that will work with the changing climate and are excited to bring you the highest quality, potent sacred Sage on the market.



Each crystal is handpicked by myself inside our importer's warehouse. We have chosen to work with this unique crystal importer, not just for their exceptional quality crystals but also because they strongly emphasise employing local indigenous women. 

Every crystal I select by hand is then carefully cleansed in a 0.5% diluted salt and water bath and charged outside overnight on the full moon of that month, under our grandfather Pine Trees, ready to be packaged and sent to buyers in its full power.

“The environment is so fundamental to our continued existence that it must transcend politics and become a central value of all members of society”

— David Suzuki