- The Sabbat's Edition -

Part of Earth-Based Spirituality is attuning ourselves to the cyclical nature of the year; to the ebb and flow of the moon and tides; to the patterns found in ourselves and in nature; to the energetic cycles within and around us. My practices follow the seasons. They are not rigid or consistent but flow as prompted and guided by the Earth. I allow her to lead the way and I simply listen to her wisdom, doing what feels right to me as reflected in her changing ways because we are part of the Great Spiral of Life. Let us work with, rather than against these natural tides.

Welcome to Moon Mail, Sabbat Edition.

The Sabbat's Edition

Moon Mail®$88.00 AUD

Ostara/Beltane & Mabon/Samhain.


Moon Mail® is a seasonal interactive digital workshop that guides you through the Sabbat dates on the wheel of the year. It supports your journey through the lunar cycle and changing seasons to live a life of presence and connection.

Following the Wheel of the Year is a beautiful way to invite Earth-based Spirituality into your life and honour the seasons' changes. Rather than following calendar holidays, the Sabbat Dates are the eight pagan festivals commemorating phases of the changing seasons in the Wheel of the Year. The festivals include Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule.

Each edition unique to your location contains insight and ritual guidance along with sacred ceremonies and practices you can perform throughout the turning of the cyclical wheel. Each edition shares mindfulness and Earth-based spirituality practices to deepen the Agency of the Self.


- Written insight into the current energies of the season

- Hour long recorded ritual for each Sabbat date (two per edition)
- Introduction to the New Moon video
- Lunar dates and transit guidance for three months

- New Moon affirmations
- 90 Day Meditation practice with instructional video
- Archetypal wisdom, with suggested Deities and Altars to connect with
- Curated playlists for your sacred ceremonies

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