Earth-Based Spirituality invites us to attune ourselves to the cyclical nature of the year, the ebb and flow of the moon and tides, and the patterns found in ourselves and in nature. I follow the seasons in my practices, allowing the Earth to guide me and listening to her wisdom. As we are part of the Great Spiral of Life, it is essential to work with, rather than against, these natural tides.

Moon Mail® is an interactive digital workshop that guides you through the changing seasons of the Moon and the Earth. It supports your journey through the lunar cycle and changing seasons, helping you live a life of presence and connection. With Moon Mail®, you will learn how to align with the natural rhythms of the Earth and harness their power to manifest your desires. Each edition is tailored to the current season and lunar cycle, providing you with personalised guidance and support. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and connection to the Earth.

Welcome to Moon Mail


Discover the Monthly Edition

Immerse yourself in our monthly interactive digital workshop, a journey through the secrets of Astrology, New Moon, and Full Moon transits for the upcoming month. Let the celestial energies be your guiding light on your path.

Explore how these lunar influences support you throughout the entire lunar cycle, from the gentle emergence of the New Moon to manifest and set intentions to the radiant glow of the Full Moon to heal and transmute and every magical moment in between. Unlock the wisdom of the Moon and the Stars to illuminate your life's journey.

Introducing The Sabbat Edition

Embark on a profound seasonal journey with our exclusive quarterly release, The Sabbat Edition. Dive deep into the Earth's wheel of the year, connecting with the essence of life, the Moon, and the Stars. Gain insights into the rich history and collective energy surrounding these significant turns known as the Seasons. Unearth the magick of the seasons, the turning of the Earth's wheel and the celestial influences that shape our world.

Moon Mail® your cosmic companion, supporting your journey with the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars. Cultivate reverence for the beauty of life through presence and profound connection.

Monthly & Quarterly

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