Our code of conduct outlines the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour which must be met by The Ritual and the manufacturers and suppliers of items within products sold by The Ritual.


Celebrating and revering our beautifully diverse global community of people, plants, animals and ecosystems is one of our core creeds, and the sweet scent of justice is a universal right. Our standard of justice includes that black, indigenous, and people of colour as well as all sexes and genders will be regarded respectfully and equally without threat or discrimination and that our living planet will. Be protected and preserved. 


We believe that race, gender, environment and economics influence women’s health and that we must address all of these pressures to improve women’s health care. We stand for cultural, institutional and governmental solutions to end injustice, abuse, and inequality and promote a healthy free and peaceful society. We are dedicated to creating respectful relations and an inclusive and enjoyable environment, for our community, suppliers, artisans, and team of employees and freelancers that is accessible and free from discrimination.

1. No Forced Labour

The Ritual bans any form of forced or involuntary labour within our business, manufacturers and suppliers. Employees are not required to make any form of “deposits”, nor are employers allowed to retain employees’ identity documents. The Ritual and our suppliers must respect the right of their employees to leave their jobs after reasonable notice.


2. No Child Labour

The Ritual, our manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to employ minors (defined as children under the age of 16). In cases where local legislation stipulates a higher minimum age, the higher limit shall apply.


3. No Discrimination

The Ritual & their distribution centres agree that any hiring, dismissal, allocation of work, wages or promotions - are made without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors (pregnancy, political opinion or 

affiliation, social status, etc.).


4. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining

The Ritual and their manufacturers and suppliers are to respect the decision of any employee to choose whether or not to join a workers’ association or union. Both the facility and the workers shall ensure they conduct themselves in accordance with all relevant laws in this regard. 


5. No Inhumane Treatment or Bullying.

The Ritual, as well as their manufacturers and suppliers must treat their employees with the utmost dignity and respect. Under no circumstances will physical punishment, sexual or racial harassment, verbal or power abuse or any other form of harassment or intimidation be permitted. 


6. Safety and Hygiene

The Ritual, and their manufacturers and suppliers shall provide a safe and healthy workplace to their employees. Good conditions of light, ventilation, hygiene, fire prevention, are essential, as well as up to date safety measures and access to a drinking water supply. Workers shall have access to clean toilets facilities and drinking water. Accommodation, where provided, shall be clean and safe. The Ritual and its manufacturers and suppliers shall implement safe work procedures to minimise any workplace injury.


7. Wages

The Ritual and its manufacturers must ensure proper compensation for their employees for all the work done, and in compliance with the local and national laws of the jurisdiction in which they are located. This includes overtime premiums or holiday pay, as well as any other allowances or benefits, including any mandatory social insurance, required by local law. The Ritual and its manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to deduct or withhold wages for disciplinary purposes.


8. Hours of Work

The Ritual and its manufacturers and suppliers hours of work must comply with the limitations required by their respective countries’ local laws. Overtime must be voluntary and cannot interfere with the health and safety of the staff member in question. This must also be remunerated at the applicable premium.


9. Compliance with Local Laws

Th Ritual and all suppliers must conduct their business in compliance with all local laws and workplace regulations. This covers all labor and employment laws of those jurisdictions, as well as laws governing the conduct of business in general, including rules and standards of ethics dealing with corruption and transparency, and any relevant environmental laws.


10. Environmental Policy

The Ritual and its suppliers must adhere to practises outlined in the The Ritual Environmental Policy. Standards and requirements of the applicable local and international environmental Laws and Regulations must be respected at all times.


11. Animal Rights

The only animal products we use are certified organic beeswax and organic Manuka honey. We do not test on animals and do not use any other animal products or ingredients within our company. The Ritual and its manufacturers and suppliers must freely communicate this Code to all employees and those in any way involved in the The Ritual supply chain.




Our philosophy is focused on offering ritual products that harness the energy of its ingredients and for each item to be carefully made by hand. Our hands are the extension of our heart and thus as a company we believe that making items in a slow and conscious manner in small batches infuses each product with deep reverence and love not just for the plants and ingredients used but for the ritualist who will receive the item.


To produce a responsible made product, we choose each component and ingredient with intention and care. Our herbs are carefully sourced from organic farms and our mineral ingredients are organic and food grade of the highest possible qaulity. We prefer to use whole plant matter than essential oils and to minimise processes and deliver extremely high grade, high vibrational items to enhance the ritualistic experience.


We strive to use sustainable packaging and use recycle materials made from FSC certified board and paper with eco-friendly printed ink and the highest of quality Miron Ultraviolet Glass jars.


We offset our annual carbon emissions by purchasing credits through Green Fleet a not for profit organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests and planting native biodiverse forests in Australian and New Zealand. We are currently looking into other carbon offsetting programs and organisations to purchase credits through.


We acknowledge we are operating on Yugambeh Country in the Bundjalung Nation.  We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging. Sovereignty has not been ceded.

“The environment is so fundamental to our continued existence that it must transcend politics and become a central value of all members of society”— David Suzuki

As a business we will continue to clearly communicate expectations around our environmental policies and make ongoing improvements to ensure any and all standards are not just met but exceeded.

For any queries on our Environmental Policy, please contact us at