The Embodied Ritual Kit ™

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We are made of stardust and it is important to recognise our worth and to hold a deep reverence for our Divine Self. Our inner freedom comes from unifying the masculine and feminine within ourselves, to recognise them as inseparable as we seek to experience the entirety of our human existence in Divine Balance.  

This Embodied Ritual Kit opens us up to nurture the love we desire in ourselves first, to indulge in our sensuality and our senses. You begin to see yourself and others with new eyes; your ears are open to hear with a deeper understanding; your senses awaken to enjoy the totality of life’s experiences.

By expanding our perception, we open the doorway to the mythic dimension: the barriers you have built against yourself begin to fall away and you emerge awakened to your true identity. 

The Embodied Ritual Kit was hand-crafted with intention and is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It includes a luxurious Bath Nectar, the essentials to prepare the ritual and a written invocation to open the golden gates to your Heart.

Hand-crafted with intention and is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It includes the all provisions required as detailed below. 


1 x Organic beeswax votive candle

1 x Sustainably harvested Palo Santo stick

1 x Sustainably farmed and harvested Sage stick

1 x Full moon charged Raw Citrine crystal

1 x Organic blue lotus infused anointing oil

1 x Organic Herbal Bath Nectar 80g

Citrine is a stone also known as The Universal healer, it holds the energy of ‘gentle’ and ‘powerful’ all at once. Citrine comes in many forms and is a type of quartz used to bring the body into equilibrium and to balance our yin/yang masculine/feminine energies. This golden hand polished stone imbues joy and abundance with its honey hues and lifts vibrations and ones connection to Self. Our Citrine is hand selected in raw chunks, cut and polished on site at our Atelier and cleansed in a 0.5% salt solution before being charged by the Full Moon under our pine trees.

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