Whenever a woman decides to concentrate on all the positive things, prosperity in abundance is assured. But if she chooses to use her time to judge others, out others down, lack of abundance in all forms is assured... Every aspect of the Universe is at the tip of the fingers of the woman who decides to be compassionate, kind, and caring.
Our society has very limited ways of portraying women. With these limiting visions of how women can behave or be, it is no wonder that we often find ourselves frustrated with the lives that we lead and therefore reactive toward everything that encompasses our lives.
I mentioned last week that as a woman, you are a creator and therefore, the whole Universe is available to you. When we accept how powerful we are, we do not need to waste our energy by being jealous, talking negatively, or worrying what others are doing, by competing and comparing. We begin to understand that a more productive and sustainable way to spend our time and increase our power is admiring, praising, creating for we are creation itself, we are the cosmos so therefore we have the abilities to manifest our wildest dreams into a reality.
It is through our word that we create our world.
This week I invite you to be mindful of the way you speak. Oftentimes our default is centered around looking outward and so we gossip, we complain… we see and seek out everything that is going wrong in our lives. But when we become aware that our words create our reality - we are quite literally casting spells - we come to realize that we are engaging in self-sabotage.
When you enter The Ritual, whether that be for The Workshops, The Course, or The Circle, I have fundamentals (or rules, but since that is often pegged as a dirty word, I refer to them as “Fundamentals”). The main ones are: no gossip and no complaining and no advice giving. If these sound familiar to you, it is because they are from the Women’s Teachings in the Kundalini lineage. I find these fundamentals to be very powerful, for when we implement them in our lives there is an instant shift in our mindset and we begin to notice the areas in our lives in which we have given away our power.
The reason for this is because as it relates to communication is that by gossiping and complaining, you fall into a negative feedback loop of criticism and victimization, instantly pushing your power further away. And when you give advice, you unconsciously send the message that the other person does not have the resources or the ability to find a solution to a problem or issue.
The way we communicate with others is a reflection of our communication with your own self. And so when we become conscious of the way we speak to others (and therefore ourselves), we recognize the ways in which we can cultivate and create our lives by focusing on the things that are going right and the desires we wish to call in. Our classes and workshops at The Ritual always have a deep focus on providing you with the necessary tools and experiences to create a more authentic and powerful projection of yourself. This very projection is what helps you to have positive relationships with others.
I am here to remind you that you can have anything that you desire, provided that you are thoughtful and intentional. This month in The Course, I workshopped the power of the word and the power of intention through communion. The portal is live to sign up now and begin to dive deeper into these ancient teachings and learn how to master the Self. Whenever you choose to begin your journey, you have access to this content in the Vault. I look forward to sharing space with you as you are reminded of the power you hold within you.

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