The rise of the Divine Feminine does not have to be at the expense of the Sacred Masculine. It is about the complete respect of the differences that the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine bring to a physical and spiritual union.
— Reena Kumarasingham⠀
I talk a lot about the feminine throughout this platform but wanting to connect to the sacred, the divine feminine is not a way of rejecting the masculine. As women living in a male driven, patriarchal society we have forgotten the incredible vastness within us. We have forgotten that we are equal and not less than our male counterparts. We live in a society where Moon worship has been replaced with Sun worship, where women, as powerful creative forces and healers, have been overshadowed by man with science and rhetoric. Just think about the ways we are told to turn on our own bodies from the time we are young women what with looking and being a certain way.
The Sacred Feminine is a word being thrown around more and more because she has been hidden away from society for centuries, afraid to be expressed within the rule of the patriarchy. Women have had to live their lives dictated by the rule of man and we have become the ultimate experiment that clearly does not work. We are expected to be sex kittens in the bedroom; professional full time cleaners; mothers; have a successful career; be an attentive, giving friend, supportive wives; taxi drivers to a million extra curricular activities; have perfect lean and toned bodies; make and eat nutritional food for every meal; throw a killer party; have a home ready for a magazine shoot; support our parents through their life changes; be a team player the list goes on...
This is not the way of the Sacred Feminine, this is the unrealistic way of a Patriarchal Society. In this way, we have lost our connection with what it truly means to be a Woman, the creators of life. Without us existence would stop. I have witnessed this first hand in childbirth three times now. We are told we don’t know how to do what nature intended. But this is women forgetting our truth. This is our resulting disconnect, a product of the society that we have agreed to follow. But our inherent wisdom and knowledge must be recovered, searched for - we must return to the sacred within ourselves and honour the divine.
"Why has the world so long overlooked the preciousness of a woman? In the patriarchal fury her service has been abused, blinding her beauty and making it impossible to receive her love. In the ignorance of society we have rejected her gift, squandered her treasure and trashed god, the divine herself, by making woman an object and trying to kill her spirit."
No matter the way we identify ourselves, we are both masculine and feminine and we embody both these archetypes every day. In both men and women, the mind and the spirit are the masculine aspects of our being. The body, the emotions, and the feelings are the feminine aspects of our being. The acting and doing is the masculine; the being and surrendering is the feminine. It is important that we recognize both of these entities within ourselves and embrace them in a beautifully balanced way. This combination leads to purposeful action, to intention in our way of being and interacting with the world and the events that we create.
What I am suggesting is not a rejection of the masculine. It is coming to the understanding that we are in union.
"The separation of feminine and masculine has torn us into pieces. The balance of feminine and masculine will bring us back to peace." — Reena Kumarasingham 

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