Everything that flows, moves in rhythm with the moon. She rules the water element on earth. She pulls the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles, and the life-fluids of plants, animals, and people. She influences the mood swings of mind, body, behavior, and emotion. When we become aware of the influence of the lunar cycles and the way they affect our lives, we can allow for deep healing and transformation.
"Once we start to work with Feminine power we begin to see that it is not our minds that are in control of this power – it ebbs and flows with the movements of the planets, the procession of the seasons, the moons and tides, our own internal cycles of menstruality, anniversaries, the events around us." -Lucy H. Pearce
The moon governs our emotions and this influence is greater when the moon blooms full because just as she lights up the sky, she also illuminates our shadows.
The Full Moon, therefore, is a time to go within, to bathe in her full illumination and watch the seeds that you planted on the New Moon come to blossom. It’s a time to remind yourself of the intentions that you set at the New Moon/Dark Moon and allow healing, peace and trust to expand the self under the expanded state of the moon. The Full Moon is a time to ask yourself “what is working?”. Whether you set intentions on the New Moon or not, the Full Moon illuminates the various aspects of ourselves that we’ve kept hidden, that we have suppressed out of embarrassment or overwhelming stress, things we’ve pushed aside and things that may get in the way of actually manifesting what we set out at the New Moon. We are asked to look at whatever comes up, with compassion, under the light of the Full Moon and become open to releasing them through the rest of her waning cycle.
Given our heightened awareness and emotions at the Full Moon, we can deepen our connection to our body’s rhythm and connect with our higher self in a lucid dreaming like state. This is the reason my Full Moon Workshop incorporates a beautiful, calming Psychic Sleep meditation.
What is Psychic Sleep?
Psychic Sleep (as I like to call it), also known as Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep, is an ancient practice that can make one feel like they have had hours of deep sleep. It is a guided journey where you are asked to place your awareness around the body and on different prompts. While you place your awareness in different places and on different experiences, your nervous system is able to completely settle, switching off the flight or fright response; your mind is relaxed. This places you in a lucid dreaming-like state where transformation and deep relaxation can commence.
A single 30 minutes of Psychic Sleep is equivalent to hours of deep sleep. During this meditation, you will be laying down or sitting (whichever is most comfortable for you) and guided on a journey to allow your body to come to a complete resting state. In this state, you are not asleep but not quite awake. The goal throughout this journey is to allow your nervous system to completely settle by placing you in this state of consciousness where deep healing and restoration can take place. When you are in this state you are able to connect with your psyche and fine tune your intuition and authentic self. This is a time where claircognition, clairaudience and clairsentience is at its peak.
Through this slow and gentle pause your psyche and intuition (the subconscious) is able to expand and you can connect with the universe and your authentic self (the spirit, the magnetic body, the soul). It is also a beautiful practice to do to send healing through the body especially when done in conjunction with the full moon. It is extremely successful for those who suffer from anxiety and have trouble sleeping.
Given the deeply relaxing nature of Psychic Sleep, it is possible to drift off to sleep during the meditation. Although you want to try your best to navigate this lucid dream-like state, allow your mind and body to guide you through the experience. Psychic Sleep is restorative and healing. Allow it to be. 
The moon is the reflection of your heart and the moonlight is the glow of your love. The moon, through all her cycles and phases, is always showing us the power of transformation, and that nothing is forever. Our moods shift, our lives shift and our goals shift — this is all part of being fluid and in the flow of a natural rhythm, in essence, being in harmony with one's true self.
I invite you to immerse yourself in this beautiful experience and give your mind and body the gift of rest, deep healing and relaxation, to connect to your higher self with ease and clarity by taking part in my guided Psychic Sleep Workshop or enjoy it as part of the Course Bundle.

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