A Nourishing Ritual for Self Love & Reverence

Experience the beauty of Ayurvedic tradition, immersing yourself in love and self-respect. Set aside time this week to indulge in this sacred practice and revel in the joy it brings. Consider making it your Day of Venus ritual, enhancing the ambience with flickering candles and adorning your body with care.


“You earned this life through Universal blessing and you have earned this human body, which is worshipped by many. And through this body you can understand Infinity, and with reverence, self-practice, gratitude, and understanding, you can see the totality of the Divine. You find you.” 


Abhyanga, an ancient Ayurvedic practice, involves a full-body self-massage using warm oil. It is said to evoke feelings of love, stability, and warmth, akin to being embraced by affectionate arms.

As you massage each part of your body, consider the profound connection between your hands and your heart. Infuse each touch with intentions of love and grace, allowing this practice to extend beyond Abhyanga. Whether you’re cooking, embracing loved ones, or engaging in daily tasks, let your heart guide your movements and interactions, infusing them with care and compassion.


What you will need for this Ritual:

- A saucepan or bowl of warm water

- A towel to sit on

- Venus Body Oil or another natural body oil



1. Warm the oil by placing the bottle in a pot or bowl of hot water for a few minutes.

2. Find a calm, comfortable space to sit or stand in your home. Place the towel underneath you to start the Ritual. Consider lighting candles or incorporating special objects or talismans.

3. Begin by applying oil to the crown of your head and gently massage in circular strokes. Spend a few minutes massaging your entire scalp.

4. Apply more oil to your face and massage your forehead, temples, cheeks, and jaw in circular, upward motions. Don’t forget the ears.

5. Use long strokes on your arms and legs and circular strokes on your elbows and knees, massaging towards your heart.

6. Smile and send loving intentions to every part of your body as you move and whisper lovingly.

7. Massage your abdomen and chest in broad, clockwise circles, following the path of the large intestine. Finish by massaging your feet to release tension.

8. Sit for 5-15 minutes, if possible, to allow the oil and intentions to penetrate deeper into your body.

9. Finally, enjoy a warm bath or shower to complete the Ritual.

“My hands are an extension of my energy field. My hands are my link to the rest of the world and the path to my own spirit. Through my hands, I can predict the future; through my hands, I can observe the past and access my heart; through my hands, I can summon the power to heal myself. The magic lies in one’s hands; they are a direct line to one’s heart, the seat of the soul. One can touch and feel the seen and unseen through the fingertips alone and reach out to another. Never underestimate the power you yield within the palm of your hand.” - Brooke




Drawing inspiration from this sacred practice, I've crafted Venus Body Oil. Named after the goddess of love and sensuality, this oil is designed for daily use and for special Venus rituals on the Day of Venus (Friday). With Venus representing indulgence and self-love, this oil offers a sensorial experience reminiscent of ancient goddesses and deities.

Handmade and meticulously infused, its hypnotic scent features smoky earth notes and a lingering warmth that envelops you in the energies of Venus. The golden hue it leaves on your skin serves as a precious reminder of your inherent worth, while its mystical fragrance lingers for hours, enhancing your connection to the divine feminine. I may be biased, but I truly believe this oil is the perfect companion for your abhyanga practice.

Venus Oil is crafted without any added essential oils or fragrances. The exquisite scent of Venus Oil comes from the pressing of whole plants, flowers, and resins into oil over six months, utilising the same equipment used in wine pressing.

Each ingredient has been carefully sourced, is of the absolute highest quality and the infusion is handmade by me:

Grandfather frankincense protect you
Grandmother myrrh nurture you
Lover rose opens you to new profound depths
Calming violets release tension and inflammation
Awakening blue lotus connects you to your psychic self and intuition
May the calendula be the sunshine that radiates from within

The genesis of Venus Body Oil has been a profound journey of self-love, embracing every facet of my body's story: scars, lines, blemishes—all testaments to the resilience and sacredness of Womanhood. Originally formulated for personal use, its enchanting and delicate aroma captivated those nearby, delicately harmonising with one's own pheromones and essence. This inspired me to share this aromatic potion in small brown glass bottles to my friends and clients. The lingering scent, a seamless fusion of pure herbal extracts, seemed almost magical, subtly captivating the senses for throughout the day.

What better way to honour your divine vessel than with this golden elixir infused with Violet, Rose, Lotus, and Frankincense—an ode to the opulence and allure of Venus herself, the epitome of luxury and sensuality.

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