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Earth-based Spirituality is at the centre of my life, my work, my practice. Part of Earth-Based Spirituality is attuning ourselves to the cyclical nature of the year; to the patterns found in ourselves and in nature; to the energetic cycles within and around us.
Earth-based Spirituality honours all life and gives us insight on what the seasons of our lives are telling us to begin working with, rather than against these natural tides. It is my greatest pleasure to demystify the elements in this series and encourage you to take note of the magick that lives around you, because luxury is the abundance that we see and experience all around us.
In this series, I outline the elements individually but one is never separate from the other - they live harmoniously with one another while holding true to their unique and individual qualities and energies.
“The trees all around me are capturing the sun’s energy. I can see how they fill space with their leaves and needles, taking up every possible place of interception of a photon of sunlight. That light is the power, the energy, that lets them take carbon dioxide from the air and water and make wood. Something solid out of liquid, gas, and ephemeral light.” from The Earth Path, Starhawk
The true essence of alchemy is transformation and the energy of fire transforms whatever it comes into contact with, infusing it with new life, new energy, new vigour. Fire is associated with the Mother Archetype. She has grown from the maiden in strength and power and energy and knows how to harness and distribute that energy where it’s needed most.
When in balance, a witch knows and discerns what needs her attention and energy most and she uses it efficiently and sustainably for as long as necessary. “[As] witches, we need to be aware of the energies around us, on every level. [...] Since part of our role is to be guardians of the balance, we will have more personal power if we cherish the balance even in small ways in our own lives.” (The Earth Path, Starhawk). Knowing what fills us up and then allowing that energy to infuse everything we touch is the magick of fire – it sets everything ablaze.
Fire is associated with the SOUTH. We can access fire energy by beginning to identify the things around us that can be used as fuel and learning how to harness the energy we receive from it to help others. Cooking and eating with gratitude is a beautiful place to start.
The Kitchen is a place where we literally perform magick on a daily basis, taking things and bringing them together, cooking them to create something else – a final product of delicious food to fuel us throughout our day. Whatever your relationship with food or diet you might subscribe to, it is important to have reverence and respect for that which we are consuming. In a culture that is used to having produce year-round and readily available even when it’s not in season, we have lost our connection to Earth and it is time to reclaim it.
Begin to view and understand the things you eat: where they come from, how they were grown, their life cycle and when they are typically ripe. Know what it is that you are eating and in this way develop a relationship with the food. Then take it a step further and give thanks. Cooking is an offering to yourself and others, and it is important to give thanks. You are receiving the produce and ingredients with which you are cooking from the Earth, and paying it forward to feed, nourish and fuel yourself and others. Every time you eat, pause and give thanks, bless your food and ignite your senses, savouring the taste and recognising the energy that is being given by that which you consume.
Fire and the mother are characterised by strength, risk-taking, vigour and power and energy. She is the essence of summer and Full Moon, expansive, curious, wise and resilient – she knows how to refine her purpose and throws herself courageously into the creative fires. Take risks and discover the lessons, the growth, the transformation, pure alchemy within.
Keywords: transformation; action; alchemy; resilient; energy
The Earth has always been a point of connection for me and my practice of Earth-based Spirituality has deepened my reverence and admiration for what we can receive from the vast natural world, she who gives us so much. There is a purity and respect that comes from adorning your space with elemental magick and that awakens and reminds us of our connection to everything.
-Brooke, Founder of The Ritual
* Adapted from The Earth Path by Starhawk

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