The projection is spoken about a lot these days but it is not often defined in a way that is understood. In fact, I often get asked to clarify what our Projection is and how it helps us to manifest what we desire.
To put it simply, the Projection is energy - it is the energy that we put out in the world and can be changed and altered by the way we hold ourselves, what we wear, and even how we speak. For example: as it relates to speaking, do you choose to wake and complain, and consequently feel less than. Or do you choose to wake up, open your eyes and be yourself, setting the tone for the whole day ahead. Whichever habit you currently navigate from has an effect on what you attract and how the world interacts with you.
Our projection is our non-verbal, non-physical energetic statement to the world and the Universe.Our inner reality is defined by how we perceive, interpret, and experience the world; it determines the energy that we vibrate (project) into the world and into the Universe; and it influences how we people feel around us and how they relate to and interact with us.
So basically together our thoughts, how we feel, our subconscious programming, the state of our consciousness and the clarity and radiance of our aura determines what we project. These become the outward messages of our projection.
Our inner world creates our outer world.
We are surrounded by matter and we are just the densest version of matter: your body, your flesh, the objects around us is what we see and feel. But there is a collective of living essence, matter, particles, life around you. And that matter that you can not see but feel, that essence, is a conduit that carries our mental frequencies out into the field of possibility. That is the Quantum Field.
Our projection impacts and affects everything around us. Becoming conscious of our projection and cultivating a projection that works for you as an individual is fundamental to the journey of the awakened woman, the empowered woman, the creative woman towards inner mastery and therefore having this subtle sensory awareness. A finely tuned inner knowing that exudes grace and fluidity. Can you begin to see how you can begin cultivating a projection unique to you?
By actually getting up each day and choosing to do something that supports you whilst also working certain muscles and meridian points in the body (in our case through Daily Practice), we stimulate the reaction in the hemispheres of the brain and rewire all those impressions from outside of us. We get to rewire, transform, and begin anew from within from the place of creation, the blank canvas, the limo of clay waiting to be moulded into the most magnificent of sculptures.
The woman’s path to inner mastery includes the process of investigating the nature of your projection and becoming conscious of the impact and consequences of what you are projecting. Then you begin to learn to live in the awareness of cause and effect relationship between your inner and outer realities. This is when you begin to understand without being prompted that the actions and projections of others are purely their own realities and nothing to do with you. You begin to step away from drama and communications within those very dynamics.
Last month in the Course, we discussed The Projection and how to use it to create your reality. If you’d like to learn more about this or any other subjects I discuss from the wealth of knowledge that I’ve gathered and choose to share with you throughout your 40-day journey, I invite you to sign up to my Course, Awaken by The Ritual. All of the lessons and videos I share are available for you on demand in The Vault and you have access to them throughout your subscription to support you on your journey and to integrate whenever you feel it is right for you. I look forward to sharing this knowledge and this space with you and the powerful group of women already on their own awakening journey.

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