An Invitation to the new "Behind the Veil" 

I often ponder the fleeting nature of my workshops and courses in the quiet hours of early morning and the stillness of late night, when my home has settled into silence and is all tucked in. These gatherings, where hearts opened and minds awakened, were vibrant moments in our shared journey of spiritual and educational growth. Each session, though brief, left a profound imprint. Yet, after the laughter faded and insights were shared, I felt a pang of sadness that such deep connections seemed to evaporate like morning mist.

 Although these events concluded, my desire for them to endure grew, significantly since running a studio limited my reach to those nearby. My longing to teach and share more has never been stronger, recognising that this is my life’s calling. The physical products I create, steeped in Herbal Medicine and Ritual, are enjoyable and resonate with my skills, but they are extensions of my core teachings.

 How could I continue to share my knowledge without the constraints of scheduled studio times? How could I embrace the unpredictable rhythm of motherhood, accommodating the spontaneous demands it brings? These questions guide my search for new ways to weave wisdom into our lives, allowing me to share and connect without the boundaries of time and place.

Previously, producing the continuous content for “Behind the Veil” demanded countless hours each week, becoming unsustainable. I sensed that new commitments would soon require even more of my energy and time, making it clear that the existing approach could no longer be maintained. I sought guidance from leaders in their fields, journaled, meditated, and engaged in many rituals over the past months, continually receiving the message:

“It must be sustainable as long as your heart beats. You need to operate on your own schedule, as something significant is approaching...” 

The path forward became clear within hours after discovering new life was growing within me, a serendipitous revelation that brought everything into perspective. Behind the Veil in its new form is my heart’s response to this impermanence—a sanctuary where the essence of every teaching, every transformative practice, is not only preserved but given new life. Here, within this digital sanctuary, wisdom is not static; it breathes, it evolves. Each teaching is revisited, refreshed, and made ready for you to discover anew, ensuring that the seeds planted during our time together continue to grow and flourish in your daily lives. No time constraints, both you and I at our own pace. 

This endeavour to bring nearly two decades of teachings into a cohesive online realm is born from a deep, nurturing place within me—a place that has been further enlivened by the life growing inside me. With each kick and stir, I am reminded of the urgency, the profound need to pass on what I have learned and experienced. This platform, “Behind the Veil,” is where I choose to compile and share the full breadth of my life’s work—meticulously crafted to support your journey towards inner clarity and spiritual resilience. 

As I align these teachings with the rhythms of motherhood and the intuitive pull of my own soul’s calling, I invite you to take a look in its infancy. Step into this space where each module, each guided practice is an invitation to weave these timeless truths into the fabric of our everyday life. From the depths of neuroplasticity and the healing potentials of psychic sleep to the empowering embrace of goddess archetypes and the grounding practices of moon rituals, each element is curated to nurture your spirit and enrich your understanding.

Over the years, many have expressed a desire for a unified access to all my offerings, rather than separate purchases and memberships. I acknowledge this has been cumbersome. As I continue to develop new courses, workshops, and guided practices, I am committed to a pace that respects my energy and time. Currently, this means releasing new content approximately every two weeks, allowing for a more streamlined and accessible experience.

“Behind the Veil” is not merely a collection of teachings; it is a living, breathing space where each month adds layers of insight and practice. It is where you can come, again and again, to find solace, inspiration, and strength, at your own pace and in your own time.

I am here, weaving this tapestry with threads of gratitude, passion, and a deep desire to share. This is more than my life’s work—it is a calling of my soul, a song that I must sing. And as the months of pregnancy seem to escape me faster than ever before, I am ever more committed to ensuring that these teachings, like the life within me, are nurtured, cherished, and shared.

I would so love for you to join me in this sacred space and explore the vast landscapes of our inner worlds together. Let us discover the beauty and wisdom that lies waiting behind the veils that have been placed upon us. So I ask you, what teachings are calling to you? What paths are yet to be walked? Share with me, explore with me, and let us find the way forward together, beneath the surface, where true transformation and awakening await.

Your journey through “Behind the Veil” is more than learning—it is a path to living fully and deeply, with every fibre of your being attuned to the exquisite truths of your existence.

I would love to hear what you desire to help me pick from the years of teachings I have to filter through. Please DM me on Instagram or email me hello@le-rituel.co and let me know beautiful person. 

So much love,

Brooke x

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