Clear Quartz Cluster

$27.00 USD

Embrace the power of Clear Quartz a potent cleansing stone that radiates clarity, dispelling negative thoughts and attachments. This versatile crystal aids in finding inner balance and is essential for energy work. Revered as the master healer, Clear Quartz amplifies and enhances our healing practices, bestowing clarity and strength upon our journey. Let its transformative energy guide you towards a harmonious and enlightened path.

Each Clear Quartz cluster is meticulously handpicked and purified with a 0.5% salt solution, arriving at your doorstep as a pristine vessel of projection. And that's not all—the enchanting magick of the Full Moon revitalises each crystal, charging them under the shimmering night sky, beneath the nurturing boughs of founder Brooke Skinner's pine trees.

Every crystal is a bespoke creation, an exquisite masterpiece of nature's artistry, adorned with a pointed top and a flat base, gracefully weighing around 120 grams.


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Behind the Veil by Brooke is a medium where founder of THE RITUAL, Brooke Skinner shares her sacred temple work, processes and practices to live a more sovereign, mindful and beautiful life.

This private space has been created to share from an intimate voice, unfiltered and, as the name suggests, to peek behind the veil of The Ritual and summon beauty and presence into all areas of ones life.

Dive deeper into the world of Ritual, Self-Care, Earth-Based Spirituality and the things Brooke cherishes most.