Rose Quartz Crystal

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Welcome to the realm of Rose Quartz – the embodiment of universal love and harmony, and a beacon of trust and restoration. Rose Quartz helps to infuse your relationship with yourself with profound trust, harmony, and unconditional love, leading you to the birthplace of joy.

As a powerful heart chakra stone, Rose Quartz acts as a gentle purifier, opening the floodgates of your heart to invite healing and tranquility within. Its benevolent presence in your home acts as a shield against negativity and stress.

Each Rose Quartz crystal is handpicked and cleansed with a 0.5% salt solution, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep as a pristine vessel of love. But that's not all—the magic of the Full Moon breathes new life into every crystal, charging them under the shimmering night sky, beneath the sheltering boughs of my pine trees.

Every crystal is unique, a bespoke creation of nature's artistry, with a similar appearance featuring a pointed top and a flat base, weighing around 150 grams, and standing tall at an average height of 8-10 cm.


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