Aphrodite Botanical Tea

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Love, Beauty, Magnetism

Inspired by the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Enjoy as part of your daily Rituals to fill your day with love, sensuality and warmth. A wonderful component to add to your Venus Day Rituals. Blended by hand under each new moon by alchemist and founder, Brooke Skinner

A warming tea that was first shared with founder Brooke Skinner in an ancient palace by a Persian Attār on the Kashmir border. Brooke then followed this tea even into Morocco, where it takes on a slightly different form and is made only for Kings. This royal tea fills you instantly with heart-opening love for the world within and around you, aids collagen production, reduces redness and is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Its sweet and spicy notes enliven the senses to summon Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. She imbues the symphony of herbs with self-love and passion, awakening the Divine Feminine deep within. Let this brew guide you towards uncovering desires, adorning life with beauty, and embracing elegance.

Peppermint to invigorate, aid digestion and soothes the body and mind for clarity.
Cinnamon to warm and promote circulation and regulate blood sugar levels.
Star Anise an anti-inflammatory and expectorant that aides respiratory health and soothed discomfort.

Approx 60 grams loose herbal tea in a 500ml Miron Glass Jar


Rose, Embracing the gentle caress of Rose, the venerable matriarch of herbs, is an invitation to immerse oneself in the essence of tenderness. Enveloped by her nurturing fragrance, Rose whispers of unconditional love, delicately unfurling the heart to a deeper realm of reverence. More than a botanical ally, Grandmother Rose stands as a potent support for women, weaving a tapestry that soothes inflammation and elevates the skin's vitality through enhanced collagen production. Within her petals, one discovers the tangible embodiment of the Divine, a living testament to nature's grace.

Vervain, an esteemed botanical with roots tracing back to both Europe and South America, held sacred significance among ancient civilisations. Revered by the Greeks, the Romans, and the Celts, Vervain adorned the altars of their temples, its essence imbued with mystical potency. Recognised as the "sacred herb" by the Greeks, Vervain was revered for its myriad virtues, including its legendary ability to reconcile adversaries. With a lineage steeped in enchantment and reverence, Vervain stands as a timeless emblem of botanical wisdom, offering both symbolic significance and healing properties to those who seek its embrace.

Cardamom, the Queen of Spices, reigns majestically as a gift from the lush rainforests of southern India's Cardamom Hills. Originating in this verdant region, green cardamom holds a revered place as a perennial bush within the ginger family. Harvested from the plant's tender shoots at the cusp of ripening, these green pods are carefully dried to preserve their potent essence. Revered for centuries, Cardamom is celebrated not only for its aromatic allure but also for its medicinal prowess. With a history steeped in tradition, it has been cherished for its ability to soothe digestion, invigorate the senses, and uplift the spirit. As a treasured spice, Cardamom offers a symphony of flavours and a bouquet of healing properties, enriching both culinary creations and holistic remedies alike.

Infuse one teaspoon into just boiled water for 5 minutes. Stir, Strain and Enjoy.

All ingredients are organic and of the highest quality.

Peppermint, vervain, rose, cinnamon, green cardamom pods, star anise.


Choose the Goddess that resonates with your emotional state, and experience the benefits of these drops, even if not all listed symptoms apply. Let Psalms of the Goddess Aphrodite Drops guide you toward heart bliss and transformative love.


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