Brass Incense Burner

$39.00 AUD

The Heart of Sacred Rituals

Introducing our Solid Brass Incense Burner, a timeless piece designed for the discerning seeker. Crafted with precision and elegance, this burner is not just a tool, but a centrepiece for sacred ceremonies and personal meditations. As the focal point of our best-selling Ritual Smoke Kit, it stands as a testament to authenticity and quality.

Made of premium brass, it promises durability and a radiant glow, elevating the aesthetics of any space. Its intricate design allows for optimal airflow, ensuring a consistent and mesmerising burn of your chosen plant resins and herbs.

Embrace the age-old tradition of burning aromatic plants, and let the gentle tendrils of smoke transport you to a realm of peace and introspection. With our Solid Brass Incense Burner, every ritual becomes a profound journey of the senses.


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