Citrine Crystal

$59.00 AUD

Citrine, also known as The Universal Healer, is a stone that beautifully balances the energies of gentleness and strength. This versatile member of the quartz family comes in various forms and serves as a powerful tool for bringing equilibrium to the body and harmonising masculine and feminine energies.

Radiating in golden hues, Citrine is a symbol of joy and abundance, elevating one's vibrational frequency and strengthening the connection to the self. Our Citrine selection undergoes a meticulous process – each raw stone is carefully handpicked, expertly cut, and polished at our Atelier, followed by a gentle cleansing in a 0.5% salt solution. These precious crystals are then charged by the nurturing light of the Full Moon beneath the canopy of our founder, Brooke Skinner's, pine trees.

Every Citrine Crystal we offer is a one off, unique masterpiece showcasing nature's artistry, thoughtfully polished and buffed by our very hands, gracefully weighing around 120 grams.


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