Obsidian Crystal

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Introducing the "Full Moon Charged Obsidian Crystal," a stone that holds the power of illumination and hope, ready to breathe life into the hidden corners of your being. This potent crystal, carefully chosen to dissolve barriers and invigorate, drawing out the stifling grip of negativity with its powerful grounding energies.

A beacon for empaths and sensitive individuals, this obsidian crystal radiates a protective aura, enveloping you in its warm embrace, like the comforting element of fire. Linked to the roots of existence, it channels the energy of the root chakra, grounding you firmly to the earth and infusing your practice with unwavering strength.

Each obsidian crystal is handpicked and cleansed with a 0.5% salt solution, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep as a pristine vessel of transformation. But that's not all—the magic of the Full Moon breathes new life into every crystal, charging them under the shimmering night sky, beneath the sheltering boughs of my pine trees.

Every crystal is unique, a bespoke creation of nature's artistry, with a similar appearance featuring a pointed top and a flat base, weighing around 150 grams, and standing tall at an average height of 8-10 cm.


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