Saraswati Botanical Tea

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Wisdom, Knowledge, Independence

Inspired by the Goddess of Knowledge. Enjoy as part of your Morning Ritual to begin your day with deep wisdom. Blended by hand under each new moon by alchemist and founder, Brooke Skinner


An awakening tea that prepares you for the day ahead using carefully chosen plants of wisdom and feminine support. This tea calms the skin, supports the pH of the female yoni and awakens the creative forces deep within. The flowers within this tea blend together to create a myriad of blossomings that continue to unfold once ingested allowing Saraswati, the Goddess of Creativity and Wisdom, to guide you through your day and to be your own muse. Feel the vitality of the flowers gently humming from within as she guides you with her joyous song and dance to revolutionise and lead.

Hawthorn Leaf and Flower helps to increase circulation in the body and lower blood pressure
Red Clover Flower calms the skin and helps to reduce inflammation and dampness from the body
Cornflower aids in reducing fluid retention and supports female sexual health
Approx 60 grams loose herbal tea in a 500ml Miron Glass Jar


Heather Flower symbolises radiant beauty. As well as a potent support to the kidneys, Heather Flower is wonderful for the urinary system. The herb name Calluna derives from the Greek words Kallúno which translates as ‘To Adorn and Beautify’.

Linden Flower and Leaf is a sweet plant that eminent maternal love. Known universally as the tree of abundance and in Ancient Rome as the ‘Tree of Lovers”. A very  wise, sacred and multi-faceted] species it is used today to make the finest musical instruments as well as used as a potent and popular nerve tonic to calm anxiety. She is the bringer of independence and freedom.

Marigold, celebrated for its vibrant hues and resilient nature, holds a rich historical legacy dating back to the ancient Aztecs. Bred by the Aztecs to cultivate increasingly large blooms, marigolds were treasured for their beauty and symbolism. In the 1500s, native marigold seeds were transported from the Americas to Spain by early Spanish explorers, where they were cultivated in monastery gardens. Back in the Americas, marigolds held significant ceremonial importance, particularly in Mexico, since pre-Columbian times. Revered by the Nahua people as a gift from the sun god to honour their ancestors, marigolds symbolise purity, auspiciousness, and the divine. Their vibrant colours mirror the sun's energy, evoking warmth, passion, and creativity, while their strong fragrance is believed to ward off negativity and evil spirits.

Infuse one teaspoon into just boiled water for 5 minutes. Stir, Strain and Enjoy.
All ingredients are organic and of the highest quality.

Hawthorn leaf and flower, red clover, linden flower and leaf, cornflowers, bulgarian rose, elderberry, marigold, heather flower.


Choose the Goddess that resonates with your emotional state, and experience the benefits of these drops, even if not all listed symptoms apply. Let Psalms of the Goddess Aphrodite Drops guide you toward heart bliss and transformative love.


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