Bath Nectar

$89.00 AUD

Bath Nectar is a ritual bathing experience that indulges your senses through the art of luxuriating. Anoint yourself in this shimmering gold bath milk infused with orange and Manuka honey.

The radiant glow of Gold was at the forefront of this creation for its connection to royalty and beauty. Manuka honey was chosen for its alchemical powers, the joy, prosperity, rebirth and youth it imbues. Coconut milk nourishes the skin and delivers essential fatty acids to create a bathing ritual reminiscent of Cleopatra and the Ancients. This Bath Nectar has a creamy, sweet, citrus scent awakening the senses while caressing the skin with shimmering Gold delight to deepen the reverence we hold for ourselves.

Made from organic and food-grade ingredients and blended by hand in micro-batches, producing only 20 jars to ensure each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard. A highly addictive, naturally occurring smell allows the ingredients to sing their sweetness into your being.

"One of the most delightful indulging things you will ever smell. Once the Bath Nectar hits the water, the Gold gently releases while the most exquisite notes of honey, citrus and creamy coconut milk ground and uplift. When bathing with Bath Nectar, I love to envision myself strolling through the orange groves of Sicily feeling the sunshine kiss my cheeks and being filled with joy, harmony and the sweetness that nature gifts us." - Brooke, The Ritual Founder.

400grams of Bath Nectar comes in a refillable Ultra Violet Miron Glass Apothecary Glass Jar. Refill bags are available to purchase separately.


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