Organic Beeswax Votive Candles

$25.00 AUD

Two Beeswax Votives - each candle has 3 nights of burn time.

If hidden from draughts, unlike any other votive, they will burn without a drip and perfectly to the bottom, every time with their innovative wick design.

These votives come with a purpose built base that will stick to any dry surface and is the only votive candle in Australia that does not require a holder.

Packed still warm from production smelling of sweet organic, beeswax. These are our favourite candles to use in ritual and ceremony, the perfect size to travel.

Each candle is hand-poured in Byron Bay with organic beeswax that is some of the cleanest beeswax in the world. Why? Because it is made using only harvested rainwater to filter the beeswax in most cases, chlorinated water is used in the processing that ultimately removes all of the critical properties. The entire process of making these beeswax candles is done by only solar power with absolutely no wastage.

We love noticing the subtle colour variations in the beeswax season to season, showcasing the seasonal fauna the bees have foraged. It does not get more pure than that. The smell is like pure honey infusing your space and just further adds to the ritualistic experience.

Total burn time 10 - 12 hours. Approximate dimensions are 55mm x 38mm


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