The Art of Boundaries Workshop

$44.00 AUD

A three hour workshop that defines boundaries, why they are important, and how to sustain and respect them in your life.

Boundaries are an important part of establishing our identity and therefore are the foundations of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. Boundaries are the key to your sovereignty and foundations of your dignity and self respect.

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Behind the Veil

Join me in my private temple – a place without censorship, in complete privacy to deepen our connection with the earth and each other, building life long friendships, to curate lavish dinner parties around the globe, to join in retreat and luxuriate. This is our place, our temple to discover Behind the Veil.

Workshops & Courses

On demand workshops and courses to help deepen our connection to Self, the Earth and each other. Utilising practices found in both earth based spirituality, jungian psychotherapy and anthrophosophy.