Moon Mail - All Four Editions

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 Exclusive Bundle Offer: Purchase all four editions of Moon Mail Sabbat Edition at a special discounted rate—four for the price of three. This bundle provides you with a comprehensive guide to the entire wheel of the year, offering continuous support and inspiration throughout the seasons.

What’s Included:

  • Guided Rituals: Audio recordings of rituals specific to each Sabbat, approximately an hour long, to guide you through meaningful practices.
  • Meditation Videos: A 25-minute meditation video tailored to the energy of each season.
  • Seasonal Moon Videos: In-depth 20-minute videos explaining the moon phases and astrological influences for the season.
  • Detailed Written Content: Explore the themes, deities, symbols, and elements associated with each Sabbat, providing a rich context for your practice.

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year:

Each edition of Moon Mail invites you to honour and celebrate the natural cycles of the Earth. From the longest day of Litha to the harvest season of Lughnasadh, our content helps you connect deeply with the energy of each season, fostering personal growth and spiritual alignment.

Join Our Community:

By subscribing to Moon Mail, you become part of a global community of like-minded individuals dedicated to Earth-Based Spirituality. Share your experiences, gain inspiration, and connect with others on this transformative journey.

Purchase Your Moon Mail Sabbat Editions Today:

Unlock the full potential of each season with our detailed, interactive, and transformative content. Purchase each edition separately or take advantage of our exclusive bundle offer to receive all four editions at a discounted rate. Embrace the magic of the wheel of the year and let Moon Mail guide you on a path of spiritual growth and harmony.


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