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Moon Mail® is an immersive ritual journey offered as a digital workshop, guiding you through the lunar cycles and Sabat dates on the Wheel-of-the-Year. 

Divided into four editions across the year, each Volume allows you to journey with the two specific Sabat dates over a 90-day period. This allows for a fully immersive experience and to build reverence and deep connection in your own unique way.

Moon Mail® - Sabat Edition is a deep dive, a guided immersive journey through history, through ritual practices and ceremonies, through Moon transits and in honour of the Goddess to deepen your personal Agency to unleash the magick and mystery within.

Inside each edition (unique to your hemisphere) are carefully curated sets of affirmations, meditation practices, rituals, altars and guided ceremonies as well as insight into cyclical living. The combination of these teachings and practices helps to connect you to the Sacredness within nature and that which lays within us all.


What will I find inside Moon Mail®?

- Written insight into the current energies of the season

- Introduction to the New Moon and Full Moon videos

- Lunar guidance and practices for the full and new moons

- Meditation practices with instructional video

- Archetypal wisdom, with suggested Deities and Altars to work with

- Curated playlists for your sacred ceremonies


Southern Hemisphere: Mabon and Samhain

Northern Hemisphere: Ostara and Beltane

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