Psychic Sleep Recording

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Deep Relaxation and Subconscious Reprogramming

The Ritual's most loved guided relaxation journey, Psychic Sleep is now available to download and own for life. What once was only available in the Full Moon Ritual is now available to gift you deep relaxation and restoration.

Also known as Yoga Nidra or Sleep Yoga this takes you through a lucid dreaming like state to help release stress and tension while reprogramming the body and mind. It is the ultimate tool to recharge and realign.

What is Psychic Sleep?

Also known as Yoga Nidra or Sleep Yoga. It is a guided journey of deep relaxation through guided prompts within your awareness, this places you in a lucid dreaming like state where transformation and deep relaxation can commence.  

A single 30 minutes of Psychic Sleep is equivalent to hours of deep sleep. During this meditation, you will be laying down or sitting (whichever is most comfortable for you) and guided on a journey to support your body to come to a complete resting state. In this state, you are not asleep but not quite awake.

The goal throughout this journey is to tap into the subconscious, the innate self and allow profound transformation to begin.

After purchase you will receive a download link to the audio file.

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