Smudging Bundle

$29.00 AUD

Smudging Bundle includes a sage stick, and three palo santo sticks to support your personal practice and clearing your spaces.

Palo Santo, or “Holy Wood”, is a wild tree that grows in the dry forests of Ecuador and other tropical regions of the Americas. Its wood, leaves and oil have been used for centuries by indigenous shamans to heal the body and soul. We love Palo Santo for its fast clearing properties and the sense of clarity it brings to the body, mind and spirit. Our Palo Santo comes from trees that have died naturally. A new tree is planted for every dead tree that has been processed.

Our sage sticks are ethically grown and harvested through organic farming methods in a sustainable way that complies with CA PC384(a). Our sage sticks are not harvested from the wild and are grown on an organic farm.

1 sage stick
3 palo santo sticks
Comes in a black box with wax seal

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