Venus Body Oil

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Unleash the Goddess Within

Venus Body Oil has been created as a daily ritual and sensual experience reminiscent of ancient goddesses and deities. Handmade and slowly infused with organic herbs, it nourishes the skin with a hypnotic scent that features smoky earth notes and a sweet lingering kiss of warmth, connecting you with the energies and archetype of Goddess Venus.

Each bottle is made in micro-batches and takes months to create, allowing the plants to slowly infuse their energies and qualities into the highest quality organic olive oil pressed locally to The Rituals Atelier on the east coast of Australia. This luxurious oil leaves a golden kiss on the skin and acts as a precious reminder of your value, whilst a mystical and warm shadow of floral dances on the skin for several hours.

"Dealing with an autoimmune disease for several years made me super sensitive to fragrances, both synthetic and essential oil varieties. Unfortunately, I could not find what I was after in stores, so I created my own self-care ritual items for daily use. I began by infusing whatever oil I could find around my home with plant material I had in my private practice. People constantly asked me what fragrance I was wearing, and I began to gift them little brown glass bottles of this goodness. Nobody could ever believe the amount of fragrance that came from only herbal infused oil and how it lingered on the skin without overpowering. Using Venus Body Oil has been a beautiful act of self-love to honour each part of my body and its journey, every scar, every line, every fold and every inch as a powerful and sacred being, as a woman" - Brooke, The Ritual Founder.

About the ingredients:

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used throughout ancient times in both ritual and beauty for thousands of years as it is a rich oil filled with vitamins (A, D, E, K), antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, olive Oil has a high level of Squalene that protects the skin's sensitive lipids from damage.

- Calendula, a known symbol of the sun, has been used for centuries to heal wounds and scars. She stimulates our collagen production and is a powerful alley to even out the skin to reveal our inner radiance as a smooth external glow. She is a profoundly nourishing astringent and keeps moisture locked into the skin whilst reducing inflammation.

- The ancient Egyptians revered Blue Lotus for its intoxicating floral scent and spiritual enhancements. Sacred Blue Lotus in this perfume oil helps to awaken one's intuition and increase our natural levels of dopamine — giving you an instant feeling of love and reverence at first smell.

- Frankincense Resin, a grandfather plant alley, has been used in rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years for it's purification and cleansing powers. The Ancients used it to help send a newly departed soul to the afterlife and cleanse and purify the physical body in reverence of the life lived. This grandfather plant alley supports communication, instils a meditative mind and summons protection.

- Violet calms the skin by removing heat and redness from the body whilst on a deeper level helps to release tension and calm the nervous system. Violet has been used for centuries to treat dry skin, varicose veins, insect bites and wounds due to its cooling and soothing properties and helping the body to repair itself naturally.

- Rose, the grandmother of all herbs, helps instil softness with her tender nurturing scent, summoning unconditional love and opening up your heart to more profound reverence. Grandmother Rose is a powerful herb for women and reduces inflammation whilst increasing collagen production in the skin. She is the physical expression of the Divine.

100ml of Venus Body Oil comes in a Miron Glass pump bottle.


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