For centuries we have been ripped apart by the hands of others as well as ourselves. Our personalities have been conditioned to become disconnected from our most Earthly ancestral knowledge and society has given us a limited conceptualization of who and what a woman is. I am here to remind you that there is no one representation of the feminine and this course is designed to guide you as you explore and define the unique feminine within you. 
The days of disconnectedness are over. We must begin anew. 
Awaken by The Ritual™ is what I have come to define as my life assignment. Upgrading the collective begins individually. I desire for women to make themselves the priority, because if not, then who will? The work begins within, with you and as you transform, the world around you begins to shift and you inspire others to change as well.
The way I have learned to show myself this reverence is through The Art of Ritual - this is the teaching that is at the core of The Course. I have come to learn that performing rituals and creating space for nature in our lives through what I have come to refer to as Earth-Based Spirituality, helps bring inner balance, it gives us a sense of meaning and connection and therefore we feel that we are in control of our own lives. Through The Course, I want to invite you to use ritual in your lives in order to set time apart as sacred space; I want to invite you to use ritual to recenter yourselves and to allow the crashing thoughts to melt away. Ritual in the form of self practice can open our hearts to new possibilities and allows us to bring clarity to the present moment. 
This journey I have created is to allow space for you to connect with yourself; I am inviting you to connect to your inner mystery, to find empowerment and to discover what sparks a light in you so that you can illuminate the world in your own way.
Women often lose momentum when the desire to bring forward success, abundance, and grace strikes because of the unrealistic expectations we have been programmed by society to uphold and so, we often push aside the messages and heartfelt goals our intuition is guiding us toward. It can be hard to stay focused and held accountable when we are not supported but within The Portal, I invite you to witness the power of women coming together and supporting one another - I want you to experience the most powerful form of accountability and alchemy there is within a collective group of women empowering and uplifting one another. The Forum within The Portal is a container in which we experience empowered female relationships. Within this space, we welcome a shift in our attitude and consciousness and therefore, in the way we engage with and relate to women. In addition to creating sacred space for self-discovery, I invite you to dive in, to let yourself enter a portal that is sacred, a portal in which you will be uplifted and supported by a group of women on a similar path of self discovery and healing. 
Along with honouring The Art of Ritual, this month in The Course we are working with the power of our word, the power of intention through communion. These themes will be different every 40-days to share the wealth of knowledge I have acquired on my own, ever-evolving journey of self-discovery. Each month is a powerfully supportive culmination of all that I have created, practised, embodied and learned through different modalities including Kundalini, Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Wicca, Elemental Medicine, Women's Mysteries, Counselling and Mentoring. Through this woven offering, it is my honour and commitment to guide each woman back to their inner throne. The Portal is live to sign up now and I invite you to dive deeper into these ancient teachings and learn how to master the Self. 
I pray for every woman to be connected to and act from a solid inner foundation — She is in touch with and evolved in her definition of Self. She listens to and follows her own inner guidance. She acts from fearless, committed resolution. She embodies her soul essence. She lives her destiny path.
Blessed be,

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