The Feminine is rising. We are in the midst of a shift on the planet, I’ve spoken about this before. And with this change, we face so many unknowns ahead - looking forward we cannot predict with certainty the outcomes of the things we face. 
But I want us to take a different perspective and value change as the catalyst encouraging us to find fluidity in moments that are unstill, uncertain, unstable. There is nothing more feminine than fluidity - there is fluidity in our cycles. 
Our cycles ensure that we don’t live static lives. Like the Moon, the Earth, the planets, they demand that we live dynamically; that we explore the different gifts of feminine power that each portion of our cycle holds.⠀-Lucy H. Pearce  
The way we can allow the feminine to rise is to uncover the mystery within. We are too often focused on looking without that we forget about the Self. In order to bring this global shift forward, we must remember that the journey starts within, for the deep Feminine, the mystery of consciousness, She who is life, is longing for our transformation (as much as we are). She holds back, allowing us free reign to choose, nudging us occasionally with synchronicities, illness, births, and deaths… But when we make space for Her, she rushes into all the gaps, engulfing us with her desire for life and expression. This is what She longs for, this is what we are for: experiencing the Feminine through ourselves.
This is the reason I begin my course with The Mystery. This membership in itself is a mystery because we can never know what will unfold, what we will uncover. But the beauty is in the discovery. And as we break down old patterns, habitual behaviours, and become intimate with our shadows, we acknowledge our cycles, our feminine, and integrate ourselves fully in this transformation that we are calling forward globally.
If you're feeling called to join The Course and delve into a 40 day transformational journey with yourself and a powerful, intimate group of women from around the world, sign up here. There are memberships for every level and the course is re-designed to navigate and explore at your own pace. I hope to see you in The Portal.

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