Everything I create in my work is done with the aim of encouraging women to interact with the complexities of their divine feminine, their unique essence. Everyone is different and in order to honour and discover that uniqueness within you, we must search ourselves. 
I have come to learn that the true magick comes from looking inward.  
I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars and I started listening to the teachings of my Soul. I have come to learn that the true magic comes from looking inward. And I allow my Soul its expression through the words and teachings I share throughout the various aspects of my platform. 
People often reach out asking me how I said things, that the message resonated with them, that it opened them to a different perspective... With this in mind, I have decided to compile my words into a series of posts. These will be published every Monday to inspire your week. They will be here for you to come back to whenever you need them, to find within them whatever your own Soul wants to hear. 

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