For some time now I have been yearning for more connection with those within my community. When each workshop, ritual or journey I facilitated had come to an end, I felt a slightly empty space - full from the experience but sad our connection ended. I would miss the connection and intimacy we shared together throughout the weeks. I was yearning for our time together to happen again. My offerings over the years have been lacking connection beyond these rituals and journeys. Allas, there is only so much space I can hold as one Woman and so this leads to me trying to figure out how this intimacy and friendship could blossom further.
Social media is a funny thing that only favors a select few, it has given me so much over the years and connected me with so many amazing individuals, brands and educational platforms that would have been otherwise impossible to access. However, there is only so much conversation that I can have, only so much I can say or want to say in such a saturated and public space. It is time consuming as a creator to keep up with and for only a brief exchange or none at all. Social media, as it is currently run, is not the platform for me to truly express myself and be personal with each of you – it is not the space to share all my thoughts, longings and musings.
In my personal practice, I have been journeying with Circe a lot lately and singing her song, calling her to guide me on what medium is the right transmission that also serves me in sharing time with my family. A medium that is protected from the vultures who await my new offerings to replicate and copy for their own, you know the ones who don't follow you anymore but always pop up in the stories and somehow manage to produce the exact thing you did a few months back. In these times outside of my own personal rituals and journeys I go to my dearest, Alessia and I knew a long conversation with her, my right hand woman, my dearest friend and confidant, would bring things to the surface. You see, in our many phone conversations across time zones (Canada - Australia) we chat, giggle, swear and talk for hours. What is always meant to be a quick 20 minute conversation turns into hours of speed train creativity and insight for the both of us. It reminds me of those telephone conversations you have with a new crush, with your new lover, staying up late for hours talking about anything and everything and getting off the phone, with a hot ear and feeling all giddy and desperate for more. This is how I feel when I talk with Alessia and only a very few others in my life. But this is how I want to feel within my business too. This is what I desire for us: the gathering of like minded souls searching, seeking, yearning for a deeper connection to the natural world, the goddess and ourselves. We come together because we have gone through some major turning point in our lives that slapped us in the face and said "Wake the fuck up, Brooke", or the "Oh my god, I get it" to the “How did I not see this before? I can finally see”. We are all here with completely different experiences and stories for the same goal: to live our lives with deeper meaning and free ourselves of that which has happened through us.
The Ritual has never been about me but about us, the coming together and the remembering. I want this place to be private, only open to you, to me, to like minded souls. Open to people with whom we can eat, drink, swear, love, navigate, empower, dress, undress, travel, learn and transform and shift together. This will be a shared journal, a platform from which I can share more freely my French move, my renovations, my rituals, my parenting journey, healing through abuse and through adversity, a place where we can chat for hours beyond time and space and eventually gather wherever we live or wherever we travel in retreat and elaborate dinner parties over the globe.
Behind the Veil is our private temple where we can talk uncensored, meet up in person within our different regions, have long open and honest chats, drink wine, practice some magick and indulge our senses through ritual and relish in all things beautiful. It is our meeting place where I will share more deeply, more openly without any platform or business or marketing getting in the way.
​I have closed down ALL my other group offerings at this stage so that this is my main focus along with making ritual potions in my Apothecary. But we are preparing to launch this closed, sacred space soon. We’ll let you know when it happens in the coming days and know that this is in the works, happening behind the scenes, late into the nights with earl grey tea in one hand as I type, upload and tweak with the other. I am so excited to share this with you all.
So much love,
Brooke x

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