Earth-based Spirituality is at the centre of my life, my work, my practice. Part of Earth-Based Spirituality is attuning ourselves to the cyclical nature of the year; to the patterns found in ourselves and in nature; to the energetic cycles within and around us.
Earth-based Spirituality honours all life and gives us insight on what the seasons of our lives are telling us to begin working with, rather than against these natural tides. It is my greatest pleasure to demystify the elements in this series and encourage you to take note of the magick that lives around you, because luxury is the abundance that we see and experience all around us.
In this series, I outline the elements individually but one is never separate from the other - they live harmoniously with one another while holding true to their unique and individual qualities and energies.
“Air is the most ubiquitous element. It surrounds us, and we live immersed in it. In fact, we can’t live for more than a few moments without it. Invisible, it is revealed to us only through its effects on other things. We can’t see the wind, but we can feel it and know the immense power of a windstorm, a hurricane, a tornado.” from The Earth Path, Starhawk
 Air is associated with the EAST. We can access air energy by facing Eastward in meditation or doing a simple Wind Observation Meditation*.
Whether in nature or by a window in your home, begin by grounding yourself and becoming comfortable. With your eyes open or closed, focus on the air, focus on the wind. What do you see moving with the invisible breeze? What scents are transported to you? What are the physical sensations that arise on your skin?
If you’re outside, what birds, champions of air, do you see? Observe their flight whether soaring or fluttering. Can you hear the insects buzzing beside you? Or the leaves rustling like chimes from the trees?
Take a deep breath and observe your body filling up with air. Notice how it enters your nostrils and travels deep within the body. Where does it go? More advanced meditation practitioners might begin to bring air to specific areas of the body, infusing them with new life and vigour.
Alternatively, air may also be harnessed for letting go. Think of something which you desire to be released, hold it in your closed hands. When you’re ready to let go, open your fists and feel it blow away, taken by a breeze.
The reason we may access air energy is to connect with the Maiden archetype to which she is associated. She is the spring, the awakening, the moment you wake up. There is a buzzing vigour and optimism to air. Youthful but not naïve, she is open to opportunities, she seeks new experiences and adventure.
In the morning, set an intention of openness, open to receive, open to love, open to abundance. Open yourself up to the day in gratitude and reverence. And take a deep breath.
The air and the maiden are the rebirth and awakening of spring, of the waxing crescent moon, of increased light to broaden our horizons. Air encourages us to expand our energy into our sovereign, powerful, growing beings. Think of the way air fills our lungs when we take a big deep breath and begin to grow.
Keywords: re-birth, awakening, expansion, beginnings, openness
The Earth has always been a point of connection for me and my practice of Earth-based Spirituality has deepened my reverence and admiration for what we can receive from the vast natural world, she who gives us so much. There is a purity and respect that comes from adorning your space with elemental magick and that awakens and reminds us of our connection to everything.
-Brooke, Founder of The Ritual
* Adapted from The Earth Path by Starhawk

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