Hello beautiful people,

I hope this post finds you well amidst the ever-changing rhythms of life. Today, I invite you to join me in a reflection on the recent Equinox, a moment that marks the turning of the wheel of the year. As I share insights and resources about this profound occurrence, I want you to know that it's okay to embrace the flow of life, even if it means deviating from our schedules.

Life's Unexpected Twists

Life has a wonderful way of surprising us when we least expect it. As the Equinox approached, my children's spring festival at their little Steiner school took centre stage. On a spontaneous whim, I found myself crafting flower crowns for them and their friends, a joyful endeavour that extended to most of the kids. Those warm, sun-kissed days beckoned us to embark on long drives to their friends' properties for creek swims and ice creams. In those precious moments, I forgot about my scheduled tasks, and when I eventually remembered them, I couldn't help but feel at ease. Yet, a sudden rush of anxiety washed over me—a fleeting sensation that I had missed the opportunity to share the Equinox with you all simply because it seemed everyone else had already done so, and social media flooded my feed with curated shoots to mark this seasonal change. It's a fleeting feeling, one that doesn't align with the natural rhythms of life but rather with the frenetic pace of social media.

Embrace Life's Flow

I want to remind you that there's no need to stress over acknowledging or posting something on the exact day of a new season. Your level of evolution, so-called "wokeness," or connection isn't measured by whether you put up a social media post to honour Nature. Sometimes, the most profound connection with the Earth comes from simply embracing the flow of life and leaving our commitments behind when necessary.

As the seasons dance, so do we, weaving our souls into the tapestry of nature's ever-unfolding beauty. - Brooke

The Dance of Light and Dark

The Equinox represents a moment of divine Earthly balance between Light and Dark. While it's often associated with equal day and night, the reality is more nuanced. The bending of the Sun's rays results in varying hours of light and darkness at different locations. However, what truly defines this moment is the simultaneous illumination of both hemispheres.

For most of the Solar Cycle, the Northern and Southern hemispheres exist as solar opposites. The North experiences the Solstice of peak light, while the South encounters the Solstice of peak darkness. Light gradually expands in the South as it wanes in the North, creating an eternal dance of sharing light and darkness, transitioning from one side to the other.

However, during the Equinoxes, which occur twice each Solar Year, the hemispheres converge into symmetry, bringing equal amounts of light and darkness from North to South. The Equinox embodies a sense of equality and balance that envelops the entire Earth. Just a few days ago, the Earth's celestial equator aligned perfectly with the Sun's geometric centre. Light and Dark harmonised to reach their closest balance, and North and South were equally bathed in illumination, becoming one unified whole. The Sun rose directly in the East and set precisely in the West, marking a moment of perfect equilibrium.

The Spiral Dance of Nature

As this cosmic dance begins anew, I highly recommend a book—one of my top five favourites—that delves into living in harmony with the Goddess and connecting with Nature as an integral part of this wondrous and beautiful Earth. It is The Spiral Path by Starhawk.

In the Southern Hemisphere, we stand on the cusp of emerging from our winter slumber. It's the perfect juncture to embark on new projects, much like the Earth begins to reveal its splendour with budding flowers and progressively longer days. During this time, we honour several goddesses associated with the Vernal Equinox. Many of these deities embody qualities of fertility, pleasure, sensuality, love, and procreation, for the Spring Equinox (known as Ostara) is a vibrant celebration of all these aspects of life! It's a season of awakening our bodies to the joys of the Sun, where buds burst into bloom, hives stir with renewed pollination, and the Earth serenades us with a brighter, livelier tune.

On the other side of the Earth, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox (known as Mabon) is a moment to gather the bountiful harvest reaped from the summer's labour. It's a period of preparation for the body and mind, a time for introspection. In her wisdom, Nature begins to gracefully shed her vibrant attire, preparing to return her abundance to the Earth as she descends into the cycle of decay.

Whether we celebrate the onset of Spring or Autumn, the essence of this time of the year is marked by a shedding process. It's a time when we contemplate whether to draw inward, akin to melting into ourselves as the days grow shorter, or to expand outward as the days stretch longer and brighter.

Discovering Sacred Practices

I like to honour these shifts in season with short and simple rituals. If you're looking for inspiration on how we might celebrate the Earth and her changing seasons, giving thanks to the Goddess and ourselves, I have shared special rituals that I practice with my Behind the Veil Community. If you are interested in discovering these Sacred Practices, I invite you to join us in the Temple.

Lastly, I want to remind you that the Equinox is not just a single moment but a continuous spiral dance of Nature. It's a dance of balance, equality, and release—a reminder that we are all interconnected with the Earth and her rhythms.

Thank you for joining me in this reflection and reading and exploring the intricate web of interconnectedness that binds us all. Embracing this path of presence has the potential to enrich every facet of your life.

Here's to the beauty that surrounds us,

Brooke x


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