Words as Divine Guidance

Words as Divine Guidance


With the changing seasons, I often notice that this is a moment of transition, a time when I must let go of what was to welcome what is. This sort of shedding can be difficult, disorienting, and sometimes disheartening, leaving one feeling like they don't know where to turn. It's a challenge that's akin to learning how to walk again, a chance at rebirth, and an opportunity to seek the Divine for guidance as we navigate this transition, allowing the Goddess to speak through us.

In this journey, sometimes we stumble after taking a step forward, but I've learned to let her pick me up, washing away all scrapes and drying my tears. These invocations to the Goddess are like short, powerful reminders to listen when I have not done so. It's easy to get caught up in the routines of life, moving from one thing to the next, but these rituals bring me back to myself, reconnecting me with my body, my feelings, and my deepest desires.

Writing is my sacred link to the source of boundless creativity and intuitive guidance. It is through the act of putting pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard that I feel the profound connection to the depths of my being. When I write, there's a magical flow that transcends the confines of everyday existence. It's as if the words themselves are whispered to me by the universe, revealing insights, stories, and wisdom that reside in the hidden corners of my soul. Writing is not just a skill or a passion; it's my channel to the profound, a conduit through which I tap into the limitless wellspring of inspiration that surrounds us all. It's in these moments of creation that I truly come alive, and I'm endlessly grateful for the gift of expression that allows me to explore the depths of existence and share the wisdom that emerges from within.

Dearest Divine,

I humbly reach out to you in a time of uncertainty and longing for guidance. My heart yearns for change in my life, yet I find myself standing at a crossroads, unsure of the daily steps to take on this journey of life. The path ahead seems shrouded in mist, leaving me feeling adrift, confused, and isolated. I turn to the great unknown, your divine wisdom and love to illuminate my way, to help me discover a spiritual practice that will bring clarity, purpose, and connection to my life.

Brooke x

Dearest Child,

Your yearning for change is heard, and your openness to spiritual growth is a beautiful step on your journey. Begin your daily practice with a moment of stillness, a sacred pause in your busy life. Breathe deeply and connect with the rhythm of your breath, feeling the life force within you.

In this stillness, set intentions for your day. Visualise the changes you wish to manifest, seeing them as already real. Trust in your inner wisdom, for it is a guiding light.

Engage in acts of self-love and self-care daily, nurturing your physical and emotional well-being. This could be through meditation, gentle yoga, journaling, or spending time in nature.

Extend kindness to others, for in giving, you receive. Acts of compassion and connection will enrich your spirit.

Finally, before you sleep, reflect on your day with gratitude. Embrace the lessons learned, and release what no longer serves you.

Remember, you are never alone; divine love surrounds you always.

With eternal love and guidance,

The Divine

As I reflect on my own journey of seeking guidance and connection, I encourage you to embark on your path with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the unknown. It's in those moments of vulnerability and yearning that we often discover our deepest wisdom and strength.

When you sit down to write, consider posing questions to the universe, questions that stir your soul and awaken your curiosity. These enquiries become your gentle prompts, inviting the divine to respond. As your thoughts flow onto the page, these gentle prompts often reveal themselves as divine answers, whispering guidance and clarity in the stillness of your heart.

May you find solace in the rituals and practices that ground you, and may your words, like mine, become a bridge to the Divine. As we navigate life's transitions and challenges, let us remember that we are never truly alone; the wisdom of the universe is always available to guide us.

With love and gratitude,

Brooke x

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