In the words of Ursula Le Guin, Listening is not a reaction— it is a connection. Most of the time, we underestimate the importance of deep listening. We know that each word we speak creates our world. We know that by the things we say, we are casting spells and thus creating our reality. But each word we hear not just from others but also from our own inner dialogue informs and connects us to our world (I highly recommend watching the Projection teaching in our online temple to learn more about this topic).

This Virgo Season, I invite you to practise deep listening. Harness her powers of organising, categorising and digesting all the information around her and practise deep listening. It is the tool we can harness to navigate whatever obstacles arise in our ever-changing, ever-evolving life. By practising deep listening, we allow ourselves to tune inward, and we empower our inner self to find the answers and make the choices that are right for us.

Our capacity for insight depends on the quality of our listening. With deep listening, we can be one step ahead of the moment. Deep listening, like a radar, senses the shape and the momentum of the present moment. When we are listened to, we respect the person who listens. When we listen carefully, we can read the intention and the conflicts in the speaker. Listening includes attention to all the senses. We "hear" the nonverbal messages and "feel" the context of the communication. We can all summon whatever we desire into our lives. When we work with our energy and connect and tune into our intuition, we find the guidance we require. We can reweave our surroundings and change our reality for the better. The guidance, the answers, and the path you seek are already within you. Always remember that listening to and following your heart will always positively affect the evolution of humanity far beyond your understanding.

Deep listening is the sacred art of connecting with the wisdom that resides within, like a compass guiding us toward an elevated existence. As we organise our thoughts, beautify our spaces, and summon our deepest desires, we unleash the divine Goddess within, crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary and continually propels us toward the extraordinary. — Brooke

Deep listening is an ongoing, life-long practice and a subject that is part of maintaining and sustaining healthy boundaries. By listening to ourselves and others, we are instantly invited to go within and connect through our intuition. We increase our faith in ourselves and build deep reverence.

The future is born out of the past, and the present is where they collide! Right now, we are experiencing a new Moon in Virgo, born out of Leo and heading into Libra. The Sun can be likened to the vehicle travelling through a varied landscape described by the outer planets. The Sun is our sovereign, special and unique creative purpose in life, and it never stops shining its light and dispersing the darkness.

On Friday, the 15th of September, at 11:39 am (AEST), we welcome the New Moon at 21º in Virgo shortly before we welcome Ostara, Spring Equinox on the 23rd in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The earth sign Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury, relates to the purity that is The Maiden. Virgo separates, organises and categorises.

Virgo wants to understand and wants to learn because she wants to get it right. She wants to know the ins and outs of something until it sticks, and once it does, she is in for the entire process. Virgo digests and assimilates all the information with her entire being. She is often known for wanting things to be perfect, but this is where she is misunderstood. She doesn't make things perfect to be perfect; she wants things to be organised and loves to work hard to make things organised and understood in a non-competitive way. Why? Because she wants people to be safe, she wants those around her to feel safe and secure through her attention to organising and delegating.

The focus on perfecting in such an organised way creates her core foundations and her life mission to support, care and nurture others. She, Virgo, gets her sheer satisfaction from the achievement of working hard, being steady, being focused and having the clarity that comes from her impeccable problem-solving.

How can we use the traits of Virgo in this lunar cycle to better organise our own life?

I ask everyone to go back to keeping it simple and sorting through the facts. Go back to the real reason you wanted to do something in the first place. We are reminding ourselves that when we get quiet enough and wait long enough, we'll always know what we need to do. 

This new moon is about beginning to cultivate the art of deep listening, beautifying our spaces, and grounding ourselves into our dreams so they go from thought to thing. Know why you chose this path and why you desire XYZ, and reaffirm yourself to the call. Summon those who will uplift you, support you, hear you, and never think something is too big of a dream, for we, as spiritual beings, have a human experience. We are infinite beings having a finite experience. Make this experience be as fucking fine as they come, and keep levelling up.

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Happy indulging through the senses,


Brooke x


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