The moon governs our emotions and this influence is greater when the moon blooms full because just as she lights up the sky, she also illuminates our shadows. Whether you set intentions on the New Moon or not, the Full Moon illuminates the various aspects of ourselves that we’ve kept hidden, that we have suppressed out of embarrassment or overwhelming stress, things we’ve pushed aside and things that may get in the way of actually manifesting what we set out to at the New Moon.
It is for this reason that the Full Moon is a time to go within, to bathe in her fully illuminated self and watch the seeds that you planted on the New Moon come to blossom. It’s a time to remind yourself of the intentions that you set at the New Moon/Dark Moon and allow healing, peace and trust to expand the self under the expanded state of the moon. The Full Moon is a time to ask yourself “what is working?” and we are invited to look at whatever comes up with compassion under the light of the Full Moon and become open to releasing them through the rest of her waning cycle.
Given our heightened awareness and emotions at the Full Moon, we can deepen our connection to our body’s rhythm and connect with our higher self in a deep meditative, lucid state. And in order to begin relaxing oneself into that delightfully restful state, I recommend bathing.
Full Moon Bathing Ritual with the Bath Nectar
This bath nectar has been blended by hand under the energy of the new moon, a time each month where we are gifted to start fresh and anew. This bath nectar is made from organic and therapeutic grade ingredients, with each element carefully chosen to support you in your bathing rituals.
Every batch is blended by hand in micro batches, with each one only making a total of 20 units. This ensures each ingredient has been tenderly combined to nurture their finest organic qualities that surpasses any clean beauty standard.
The Intention for this product is to anoint oneself with the sweetness of life. The colour gold has been chosen to infuse this ritual product as it is the colour of love and abundance. Honey has been selected for its sweetness and connection to joy, prosperity and rebirth, connecting you with the delight and reverence within. Organic Manuka Honey has been selected for its sweetness and connection to joy, prosperity and rebirth, connecting you with the delight and reverence within. Organic Coconut Milk Powder nourishes the skin while delivering essential fatty acids to create a bathing ritual reminiscent of Cleopatra. This Bath Nectar has a creamy, sweet and citrus scent to stimulate the senses while caressing the skin with shimmering gold.
Indulge your senses through the art of luxuriating and anoint yourself with this golden infused bathing ritual. One of the most delightful indulging things you will ever smell. Once the Bath Nectar hits the water, the gold gently releases while the most exquisite notes of honey, citrus and creamy coconut milk ground and uplift. When bathing with Bath Nectar, I love to envision myself strolling through the orange groves of Sicily feeling the sunshine kiss my cheeks and being filled with joy, harmony, and the sweetness that nature gifts us.
WARNING it is highly addictive and people have been known to smell the jar everyday just to get a fresh hit of sweet delight.
Ritual Suggestion
My Full Moon Bathing Ritual consists of lots of Bath Nectar to invite the sweetness of life, joy and optimism. Although it is a time in the Lunar cycle to go within and witness our shadows or the things in our lives that aren’t working toward our manifestations, it is important to do so with immense kindness and compassion for oneself.
As per the New Moon Bathing Ritual, create for yourself a calm, quiet space to relax. I always recommend dimming any overhead lights and lighting candles to really allow your nervous system to wash away any stress from overstimulation.
Words are powerful spells that we cast into our lives. After running the bath, take some bath nectar as you sprinkle some of this goodness into the water, speak words of intention into it, such as:
I am regal, I am divine
I allow myself to soften and melt into relaxation
I am filled with ease and grace
Once you have filled the bath with the desired amount of bathing salts, slowly allow yourself to submerge. Once you are laying in the tub, take a moment to enjoy the sensation. Make the whole experience sensual and connect with the scents, the warmth against your skin, allow your body to melt into the water and feel yourself supported: in this moment there is nothing to do but be.
As you lay in the water, mentally repeat the mantra in your head as you connect with the sacred smells emanating from the bath and connect with how it would feel to be a beautiful Queen, a Divine Priestess, a woman filled with easeful grace.
Bask and enjoy the feeling and experience for however long you like and emerge the Goddess that you are!
When you are finished with your bath, be thankful to yourself for gifting yourself this moment in time, the gift of reverence.
Bathing rituals are also the perfect way to end your day. So don’t only reserve this Ritual for once a month. Indulge the senses through the art of luxuriating and releasing whatever experiences you may have had throughout your day.
As many of you know my practice is rooted in Earth-based spirituality and so all my products are of the Earth, sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.
Discover the Full Moon Bath Nectar

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