The Dance of Structure, Intuition, and Self-Discovery

Amid the rhythm of kneading my sourdough on its final rise, I find myself reflecting on the collective of days about to unfold. It's a dance many of us know well—the push and pull between structure and spontaneity. While the world often champions meticulous planning, with every moment choreographed and timed, I've found that there's profound beauty in letting go and allowing the universe to guide.

Last year, I attempted to master the art of juggling multiple responsibilities across two platforms, The Ritual and Behind the Veil. The strain of it all began to weigh heavily, nudging me towards a state of imbalance and fatigue. To the seasoned business minds who emphasise rigorous planning, I say this with gentle conviction: While setting overarching business goals is essential, there's immense value in embracing fluidity and intuition. Reflecting on our journeys, both personal and professional, allows us to discern what truly resonates, igniting passion and propelling us forward.

As the contours of the upcoming year beckon, I envision reclaiming Fridays as sacred, non-work days—a homage to the Venus Day Rituals that once held a cherished space in my life. These are days imbued with spontaneity, a dance with the senses, punctuated only by the rhythms of school drop-offs and pick-ups.

The weekdays will see me immersed in the tangible facets of running an online business—packing orders, production, and the gentle ebb and flow of creativity. Instead of rigid schedules, I'll carve out spaces for reflection, weaving in emails and journal entries when inspiration strikes rather than adhering to a predetermined timeline. Gently remind myself that one email a week is a good place to flow from.

My relationship with social media, too, is poised for transformation. In the coming year, I aspire to foster deeper connections, sharing glimpses of the journey, the heartbeats behind The Ritual. This past year, marked by introspection and growth, nudged me towards profound realisations about self-worth, resilience, and the power of community.

Rise not by the frantic pace, but by the gentle dance of grace and space.

Navigating the complexities of trust, I encountered moments that shook the very foundations of my being. Yet, amidst the shadows, I discovered a sisterhood—a collective of resilient women, mothers, and entrepreneurs, bound by shared experiences and unwavering support. These bonds, forged in vulnerability and strength, became my anchor, guiding me towards a newfound sense of Self.

As I embrace the dawn of a new year, unencumbered by societal expectations, I celebrate the woman I've become—relishing the wisdom, the imperfections, and the unyielding spirit that propels me forward. No longer defined by external metrics, but by the authenticity and depth of my journey, I step into the future with grace, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to being more of me.

In the quiet moments between kneading, feeding my hungry brood and reflecting, I invite you, beautiful friend, to pause and ponder: What rhythms resonate with you as you step into this new chapter? Take a moment this coming week to journal your thoughts, allowing the ink to flow freely, unearthing the desires and dreams that stir within. Perhaps ask yourself: "What would it look like to embrace both structure and spontaneity in my own journey?" As you pen down your reflections, remember that the act of introspection is a gentle gift—one that offers clarity, insight, and the gentle guidance needed to navigate the dance of life with grace and authenticity.


So much love,

Brooke x


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