Becoming More of Myself

I have not really ever been one to set New Year's resolutions, not because I'm sceptical or dismissive of them, but because they don't resonate with my rhythm. Instead, I prefer to envision the emotions and feelings I wish to embrace throughout the year. As the sun sets on this December 31st, an innate urge stirs within me to bring closure to lingering tasks. I want to tidy every nook of my home, reposition items, and invite renewed energy to course through its spaces, subtly altering the flow and ambiance for the days ahead.

Across various cultures and civilisations, this desire for end-of-year cleaning as a ritual serves as a testament to our human nature and innate desire for renewal and purification. In Japan, the practice known as "Oosouji" involves meticulously cleaning homes and workplaces to welcome the New Year with a fresh, unburdened spirit. This tradition emphasises not just the physical act of cleaning but also the spiritual significance of entering the new year with clarity and purpose. Similarly, in parts of Latin America, particularly countries like Brazil and Mexico, there's a tradition called "limpieza de casa," where homes are thoroughly cleaned to rid them of any negative energies from the past year. This cleansing is often accompanied by rituals involving salt, herbs, or holy water, further emphasising the spiritual dimension of the practice. The Jewish tradition of "Passover" also incorporates a deep cleaning of the home, especially the removal of leavened products, symbolising the removal of ego and impurities from one's life. In all these diverse traditions, the essence remains consistent: the act of cleaning transcends mere physical tidiness, acting as a profound spiritual metaphor. By purifying our external surroundings, we metaphorically cleanse our inner selves, making space for growth, reflection, and the promise of a new beginning.

While the Gregorian calendar might seem detached from the natural rhythms and cycles that govern our planet, its influence is undeniably pervasive in the fabric of modern society. As we approach a new numerical shift in this calendar, it serves as a universal marker, aligning various facets of our globalised existence. Without its structured framework, coordinating schedules, planning events, and even basic day-to-day interactions would become exceedingly complex in our interconnected world. Thus, while we recognise the profound cycles of nature that transcend this man-made construct, we also acknowledge the practical necessity and convenience that the Gregorian calendar offers in navigating contemporary life.

As I stand on the threshold of a new year, my heart whispers a question: What essence shall I weave into the threads of 2024? The phrase "TO BE MORE OF ME" dances gracefully through my thoughts. It encapsulates a profound desire to embody my most authentic self in every facet of existence. More than mere words, this mantra becomes a compass guiding my choices, illuminating what aligns with this authentic journey and what no longer resonates. With grace, I bid farewell to the past, embracing a luminous future.

"In the dance of time, our essence is the melody; let us craft a year where our truest selves sing loudest."

With this realisation, I feel a gentle pull to transition from "Behind the Veil." It's time to unfurl my words, releasing them into the world without barriers, merely asking for the gift of presence from those who choose to listen. My heart brims with tales, wisdom, and reflections that yearn to transcend the lonely confines of pages and notebooks.

For years, my quest centred on cultivating community. Yet, in this moment of clarity, I recognise that community thrives everywhere, waiting to be discovered. I understand now that my energy doesn't need dispersing across multiple realms and platforms. Instead, I see The Ritual as a radiant circle (it is my hand-drawn logo, after all), an embodiment of unity and shared spirit. While it may bear the mantle of a brand, it remains an authentic reflection of my essence, a testament to the journey of becoming of being Present in life and achieving more by doing less.

As the canvas of another year appears before us, I invite you to pause and reflect: What theme, emotion, or feeling do you wish to be your north star for your 2024 journey? Perhaps it's a whispered mantra, a cherished memory, or a radiant vision of the future. Let this be your North Star, your guiding light, your beacon, illuminating the path ahead, infusing each step with intention and purpose. As you embrace the promise of a new beginning, may your heart's deepest desires blossom, and may you find harmony in the dance of being and becoming. What will be your mantra for the coming year?

A poem to leave you pondering...

In the dance of dawn, beneath twilight's gaze,
I find the strength, in countless ways.
"To be more of me," whispers the soul's decree,
A call to rise, to be wholly free.

Eyes that once doubted, now gleam with fire,
Heartbeats sync to a passionate choir.
No longer tethered by old shadows' plea,
I step forth, embracing the "me" I see.

With every stride, I reclaim my might,
Unfurling dreams, taking flight at night.
For love isn't just a tale of two,
It's a bond with oneself, pure and true.

In the mirror's reflection, I now see clear,
A warrior's spirit, void of fear.
Romance with self, the most sacred spree,
For the greatest love begins with "to be more of me."


So much love,

Brooke x

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