Embrace the Wisdom of Ancient Goddesses and Deities

Some of you may have noticed that in the last few months I have been hinting at a new collection. It is a collection that I plan to expand on over time but when the idea initially came to me, I became so excited as this was truly the missing piece toward my coherent vision for The Ritual as a whole. I feel that when this idea came to me, the image in the puzzle began taking form and I could see more clearly than ever what The Ritual was to encompass. This collection, Psalms of the Goddess, is a reminder to myself of the infinite possibilities that can be sparked when we allow the goddesses within us to awaken. 

The idea for Psalms of the Goddess was initially sparked by a series of workshops some of you attended two or so years ago, called the Goddess Series (available for purchase as a replay). It was after teaching these workshops that I was inspired to create formulations and blends that support our connection to specific Goddesses and Deities. There have been setbacks along the way (financial, timing, production…) and I have had to sit on the idea for a while, making me that much more excited and impatient to get the project moving and bring it all to you. But I persevered and made the most of this extra time to refine and get clear on the goal – that is the blessing one receives from trusting the process and with that, I am so excited to tell you, my beautiful community, that the Psalms of the Goddess first collection drop is live.

Psalms of the Goddess is a deepening of the connection to the etheric realms where Goddess, Gods and Deities reside. Each Psalm (think beautiful melody or frequency) is a silver thread that offers support, guidance, wisdom as you journey with each archetype at different points in your life.

Archetypes serve as a reflection of the Selves within us. And they hold the vision of the possibilities that are afforded to us in the unfolding of our lives. Delving into the realm of archetypes is not just a personal passion of mine, but it’s also intricately woven into my studies in Psychotherapy and Homeopathy. The concept of archetypes resonates across various philosophies and cultural frameworks. Consider astrology, for instance—it presents each zodiac sign as a distinct archetype, offering us avenues to delve into and utilise for a deeper self-understanding. If I were to provide a succinct definition of an archetype, it would be a mental representation we hold towards certain concepts.

Archetypes serve as embodiments of specific energies, allowing us to engage with and connect to them across various facets of our lives. They represent patterns of collective energy that we can explore and engage with. The beauty lies in how archetypes can be harnessed to facilitate personal growth and a richer comprehension of our existence.

The three Goddesses that I chose to launch with are: Aphrodite, Hekate and Saraswati. I am not going to lie and say this was an easy choice. There are so many wonderful Goddesses that I work with but these three encompass the pillars on which The Ritual has been built upon and so it made sense for them to introduce the Collection. For each of them, I have created both a tea and a goddess essence to help in connecting deeper with each unique archetype, drawing from their innate wisdom and distinctive strengths.


Connect with the radiant energy of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Infused with the essence of love and sensuality, these drops invite you to embody your inner goddess, fostering self-love, passion, and creativity in every moment.

Engaging with the essence and archetype of Aphrodite (also known as Venus by the Romans), signifies a profound commitment to self-care and the embrace of the invaluable insights she imparts in nurturing the physical self. In dedicating time to honour my body and engaging in rituals that replenish my spirit, I've not only revitalised my own well-being but also found myself brimming with a surplus of energy and love to extend to others, whether it’s within the confines of my family or within the broader scope of my community. 


Embrace the mystical allure of Hekate, the Goddess of Magick. Whether you’re seeking protection, guidance, or transformation, these drops serve as a potent ally on your journey, helping you tap into your innate power and intuition.

Hekate, often misunderstood and underestimated, is a beautiful archetype waiting to be discovered. In the vast tapestry of archetypal energies, she emerges as a potent symbol of strength, transformation, and alchemy. Often associated with the crossroads, Hekate embodies the power of choice, offering us the wisdom to navigate life's complex decisions. Beyond her portrayal as a "dark" goddess, which has nothing to do with christianity's creating of the word, "evil" or "sinister acts" but of the night it's self, she is master of the moonlight. Hekate reveals her multifaceted nature as a guardian of the liminal spaces, where change and evolution thrive. She beckons us to embrace our own transformations, to stand strong in the face of adversity, and to harness the alchemical forces within us. Connecting with Hekate can be a profound journey of self-discovery, where we learn to navigate life's transitions and unlock the hidden potential for growth and renewal that resides within us.


Dive into the divine essence of Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. Perfect for your morning ritual, these drops awaken your inner wisdom and creativity, offering deep support as you navigate through your day.

Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, art, and learning, and her presence resonates profoundly in my practice and my life. A truth I've often emphasised through my various offerings is that knowledge is power. At the core of what I do within The Ritual is my unwavering commitment to share my wisdom and knowledge with all of you. Over the years, I've amassed a wealth of insights and understanding, and I realised early on that hoarding this knowledge would serve no greater purpose. It was this realisation that gave birth to The Mystery School and Behind the Veil, spaces where I could channel my wealth of knowledge to enrich the lives of those seeking it.

The Psalms of the Goddess collection is a powerful act of remembrance, skillfuly awakening the dormant Goddess within you. Embrace this sacred offering as each element invites you to rediscover the divine essence that resides at the core of your being, allowing you to reconnect with the boundless power, grace, and wisdom that have always been a part of your true Self.



The Ritual is a realm where patience and time intertwine. It's essential to understand that the creative process itself isn't what consumes time; rather, it's the meticulous execution and the profound education that accompany it. I seek to discover and within these discoveries, I unlock worlds that make the life I lead profoundly more meaningful and enriched.

- Brooke

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