—The Call of the Wild Woman


In the labyrinth of modern life, where the mechanical roar overshadows the whisper of the wind, a profound truth lies buried like a forgotten treasure—our intrinsic bond with the eternal rhythms of the Earth. For us women, journeying through a realm that often values the swift over the deep, and conquest over connection, rediscovering the ancient pathways becomes not just essential but transformative. It is here, in the dance of the ancient ways, where the wild woman archetype—powerful, creative, wise—guides us back to a life woven with the threads of nature’s rhythms. 

Our ancestors knew this dance well. They lived by the moon’s silvery glow and the sun’s golden chariot; they understood the language of the rivers and the secrets held by the mountains. These ancient practices, steeped in the sacred, offered not just survival but a flourishing of the soul—nurturing community, spirituality, and well-being. 

Why, then, is it vital for us, especially women healing from the scars left by a patriarchal weave, to reclaim these old ways? It is because within these forgotten practices lies the key to our own inner wildness—the untamed, instinctual knowledge that connects us to the cyclical truth of life and death, growth and decay, that the modern world tries to deny.

In the sanctuary of sacred spaces, whether a moonlit grove or a quiet corner of a bustling city, we rekindle our relationship with the divine. Here, a simple candle’s flame becomes a beacon of continuity, a circle of stones, a portal to the sacred; each act of reverence is a defiance against the disconnection of our age.

The wild woman within each of us thrives on this connection. She is the one who urges us to plant our feet firmly on the damp soil, to feel the heartbeat of the Earth through our soles. It has been my aim for almost two decades of teaching that I remind you this wild woman carries the bundles of healing and dreams; she is the life force, the essence of the feminine spirit that fuels our capacity for deep knowing, creativity, and endurance. 

Through the act of self-reflection—journaling under the canopy of stars, walking mindfully through the dew-laden grass—we converse with our wild woman. She speaks in the rustle of leaves, in the ripple of waters, guiding us through the shadows of our subconscious, showing us that each layer we peel back reveals a deeper layer of truth. 

Contemplative practices are her tools. With each word inked, each breath taken with intention, we weave stronger connections with our inner selves. We learn to see not with the eyes but with the soul. In this space, guided by the gentle hand of the wild woman, transformation is not just possible but inevitable.

As I delve deeper into my teachings, crafting rituals that honour this deep connection, I am committed to guiding others to find their inner compass. The wild woman teaches us that we are not mere participants in our lives but the sovereign creators of our destinies. 

This journey back to the ancient ways is a homecoming—a return to the essence of being profoundly connected to all things. In this rediscovery, we find not just healing but a revolutionary act of reclaiming our place in the world as beings of nature, of wild, magnificent beauty. 

Let us each find the path that leads us back to the wild woman within to dance the ancient dance of presence, power, and profound connection.

Brooke x


Photograph of a naked woman in black and white intwined with a branch by Stellina Stampouli for The Ritual.

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