New Moon in Taurus Musings

Happy New Moon in Taurus! Now is the perfect time to step into nature (yes, even at night) and immerse yourself in its sounds under the Taurus new moon. Taurus emphasises our need for security, and it’s overwhelming to think about how many lack this basic comfort. Taurus also teaches us to look after our own needs so that we can present our best selves. This sign finds divinity in routine, joy in simple pleasures, and wonder in the natural beauty unfolding around us. Tonight’s new moon offers a chance to envision the experiences you want to embrace through the coming seasons. With the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus all in alignment in Taurus alongside the sun, we're integrating our values to build lives of genuine fulfilment. Embrace the steadfast Earth energy of Taurus, which tolerates no nonsense—its own included. 

This email marks the start of sharing more personal updates and behind-the-scenes insights each month. At The Ritual, we've recently expanded again, and I've been busily managing the influx of daily orders with immense gratitude. I’m thankful to have some incredible women joining the team, helping us keep up with getting all your orders out the door each day and joining up with DHL to get your international orders to you in only a few days.

On Instagram recently, I mentioned I was not sure how 'Psalms of the Goddesswould flow. Initially unsure if it would be a limited edition or an ongoing collection, it has now become our bestseller! I’m thrilled to see these creations reaching global corners. It's safe to say 'Psalms of the Goddessis here to stay, and I’m already working on a new edition to the collection.

I'm also finalising the Solstice edition of Moon Mail, aiming to wrap this up by the end of next week. I'll keep you posted when it’s live. For now, let's sink into the delicious energies of this Equinox, whether you're swimming in Autumn or Spring, the seasons last approximately three months and at times we can feel we need to rush into the next whilst we are still in the middle of the current season. Its easy to do, even for myself with the oceans of information being targeted at us daily.

Currently, I'm reading 'The Covenant of Water' by Abraham Verghese and 'The Land in Our Bones' by Layla K. Feghali—both are highly recommended and available as audiobooks. Like many of you, I often have multiple books on the go, depending on my mood. Can you relate?


For a long time, I've been handling everything on my own, way before starting The Ritual, relying solely on sheer determination and grit. This is a great traitbut it has become too much of a default mode for me. I’ve come to realise that to achieve significant things, I don't need to do it all and work harder. Instead, I need to work smarter and collaborate with others who are experts in their fields to support my endeavours. It might seem straightforward, and you might think, "Obviously, Brooke," but when you've been self-reliant from a young age, shedding that hyper-independence isn't easy. I've always only had myself to rely on, without a safety net.

Step outside and let the night air, scented with blooms and kissed by moonlight, inspire your dreams and guide you to new beginnings...

Something profound within me has shifted, making me see that to bring to life all the things I envision, I need help. This revelation has prompted me to reflect on where I am gaining energy and where I am losing it. Do I find fulfilment in activities that drain me, or can these be refined, delegated, or even eliminated? 

I recently discussed this with a dear friend who is an exceptional artist. We talked about how, as creatives, we channel what needs to express through us into our work, and then, when it feels complete, we let it go to make room for new inspirations. It's amusing how people are often shocked when we decide to stop something that is successful because, in reality, art and creation are not static; they evolve, change us, and perform their magic until they transform into something unrecognisable. It was comforting to have someone who understands this cycle.

This understanding led me to close 'Behind the Veil' and, before that, 'The Mystery School.' Despite their success, it felt right to allow these teachings and lifestyles to evolve in different ways, free from memberships and rigid schedules. Moreover, as an Aquarius Moon, I naturally seek to diverge from the mainstream when something becomes too popular or ubiquitous.

That’s enough introspection for now—there isn’t enough wine in the world to delve into all the complexities of my thoughts! Go outside, breathe in the night-time air, feel the damp grass under your feet, and let the darkness of the new moon remind you where you can begin anew. Reflect on how nature—the flowers, the waters—smell different at night and what feelings and memories they stir within you.

That is all for now, now go step outside, inhale the fragrance of the blooms at night, and feel the damp evening grass beneath your feet. Let the darkness of Mother Moon in her new phase remind you where you can start anew. Take a moment to record how nature—the flowers and the waters—smells different under the night sky, and reflect on the feelings and memories these scents evoke.

Sending so much love your way, 

Brooke x


Photograph of a naked woman in black and white intwined with a brand by Stellina Stampouli for The Ritual.

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