Samhain & Beltane

Samhain & Beltane

Samhain and Beltane Blessings to you, dear reader. 

Today’s cross-quarter Sabat marks the midpoint between Equinox just passed and the upcoming Solstice. Samhain holds significant importance in Earth-based spirituality. Also recognised as All Hallow's Eve, it marks the threshold between autumn's waning and winter's emergence, preparing us for the onset of the colder months, which officially commence with the Winter Solstice. Rooted in the water element, Samhain embodies a potent energy of release and renewal, symbolising the cycle of death, rebirth, and ancestral wisdom.The Northern Hemisphere prepares to welcome Beltane which represents the height of spring and the beginning of summer, a time of fertility, abundance, and growth. Beltane is a celebration of life, love, and the union of masculine and feminine energies. It honours the Earth's vitality and the promise of bountiful harvests to come. 

The latest edition of Moon Mail Sabat Edition dives deep into the main Sabats and the cross-quarters. It includes a comprehensive description of each of the dates with sacred practices and guided rituals to take you through the Season. Your forever guide to take you through the Earth’s changing seasons at every turn on the Wheel of the Year, it’s time to invest and see the beauty of nature reflected in you. 

Whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere, a beautiful way to honour this day is by lighting a candle. The flame represents not only the element of fire but the element of air – together the fire and the air allow transformation to take place, they are alchemy

A Ritual does not have to be elaborate. Sometimes we just need a physical act indicating that we are taking a moment to ourselves or that we are beginning. One of the simplest acts of Ritual is lighting a candle. Fire represents the Soul; it is an instant process that brings us into the present moment, to be embodied in the here and now. Before any intentional practice, I will light a candle and call myself fully present.

Lighting a candle creates a clear boundary for myself, with myself and allows me to set the intention of what I wish to accomplish within that moment. The symbolism of lighting a candle or engaging with the elements anchors me down to Earth while connecting me to the subtle realm, opening the channel for a symbiotic relationship in which my intentions become clear and creativity flows. 

The candles I sell on the site are hand-poured in Byron Bay with organic beeswax that is some of the cleanest beeswax in the world. They emit a sweet, honey scent that perfumes the space beautifully. The smell is like pure honey infusing your space and just further adds to the ritualistic experience.

Allow the act of lighting a flame to ignite our Soul and to remind us to keep our light burning. 

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