The Art of Sacred Ritual holds the long-discarded shards of our stories, of our fears, of our hopes, of our desires, of our secrets and our intentions, all encompassed together as one, unbroken, complete circle. Ritual takes these very aspects of our self and transmutes them into something sacred, something new. It is the physical act of Alchemy. Ritual contains the adaptability and the strength to hold and contain the intentions, feelings, and desires which we cannot hold with thought alone.
The Art of Ritual is the teaching that is at the core of The Course. Through my various experiences, knowledge, and trainings, I have come to learn that performing rituals and creating space for nature in our lives through what I refer to as Earth-Based Spirituality, helps to bring inner balance. The Art of Ritual gives us, and the elements that touch our lives, a sense of meaning and connection and allows us to feel in control of our own lives.
Ritual can open our hearts to new possibilities and allows us to bring clarity to the present moment.
In our lives (especially as we enter a New Year), we are told to develop routines in order to break old habits and bring about the changes that we desire in our lives. But routine is rigid, it is rota and fixed; it is something that we “have to” do. Routine leaves very little room for pleasure.
To me, ritual is self-care with intention and it seeks sensuality in order to be sustained. In this way, ritual invokes the senses and creates powerful feelings of mirth, pleasure, love, sacredness, peace, radiance, reverence and respect within. So instead of routine to bring about change, I have chosen and choose to use ritual.
The body holds memory from our sensual experiences: touch, scent, taste, feel, etc. Just think of the way a negative emotion makes you feel in your body - what part of your body begins to cringe, shudder, tense up when a negative experience (and therefore, emotion) comes up? Conversely, think of the way your body responds to pleasure: it is, instead, easy, comfortable, safe, free to move and enjoy everything around you. By connecting to our bodies as a sacred vessel and compass of the feelings we experience, we come to understand that we can change, and therefore, create the experiences that we desire.
Creating a sacred space, a sacred sequence of events, a sacred experience is to evoke a feeling within ourselves. Performing ritual gives us permission to tap into that feeling, to nourish and heal, to connect with ourselves, our inner compass, our inner desires and longings. Now, I am not saying that with ritual there will be no more negative experiences, but you will have created a safe space within and without to connect to yourself and move through different (and at times difficult) experiences in life with more ease, more grace, by showcasing and connecting to your unique divinity.
The Art of Sacred Ritual reminds us that we are whole in ourselves and it allows us to invoke the sacred goddess within where she is safe to be, to guide us, and where we open up space to listen.
Ritual and intention is the essence of alchemy. It is through Ritual that our transformation begins.
Learn to create your own sacred practices, unique to you, by discovering tools and teachings that allow you to connect to your inner mystery. I invite you to join Awaken by The Ritual, a 40-day online journey of self-exploration, to discover your personal power alongside other women from all over the world. Through self practice, ritual and intention, The Course guides you as you discover yourself and gives you the tools to craft the life you desire through the practice and implementation of Sacred Rituals, unique to you. I invite you to delve into your inner mystery and discover the magick within you.

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