“I am powerful, I am magnetic, I am radiant, I am abundant. Prosperity easily finds me.”
Holding on too tightly to a given outcome, idea, or thought only causes it to run feverishly in the other direction and we are left with frustrations as we wonder why, with all of our dedication, the things we want do not stay or do not come.
Women are naturally magnetic. We are the ultimate creators as we create life on Earth. Without us, life on this planet would not exist. Therefore, we can have anything we want because we have the innate and powerful ability to create it.
A woman’s greatest majesty is in knowing exactly what she wants and allowing everything to come to her. Her greatest power is patience, secretly waiting for all to manifest and watching it all unfold effortlessly as she holds her power.
Never chase, for anything anyone chases in life runs the opposite way. 
Now, I am not saying to do nothing, that sitting in meditation or on your couch (you do you!), thinking about what you want will allow everything that you desire to come to you. Instead, I am inviting you to shift your perspective toward getting the things you desire.
The world in which we live says that we have to hustle to get what we want: to make more money, to have a better relationship, to be able to buy and afford the things that we want; society has conditioned us to believe that we have to work night and day, everyday in order to create the life that we desire. This is a lie that ultimately serves to disconnect us from our why. In working harder, in moving forward with intensity, we fall into a lack mentality and therefore become depleted - we forget why we began in the first place, we forget the pleasure and excitement that encouraged us to begin, we figure we don’t have and will never have enough money to keep up, we forget to check in with what we want and follow the rule that we have to keep at something because we resolved to a specific outcome.
But remember, there is fluidity within the feminine. The feminine is cyclic - she does not remain rigid as it goes against her very nature. I am here to remind you of the immense power you have within, that goes beyond rigid goals, specific numbers, and hard work.
Within the miraculous brew of universal creativity, all you desire already exists. Every aspect of the Universe is available to you.
Creation is part of our DNA. As humans, creation is part of the feminine archetype within each of us. Creativity expands the mind; creativity stretches our mind beyond the ordinary human comprehension. The mind is elastic, capable of transcending and discerning complex ideas. The mind is the place where our dreams are manifested. And we have the ability to manifest anything that we desire; anything that we can hold in our mind can become a reality - we can bring it into being. ⠀
I encourage you to spend five minutes each morning with your eyes closed, living in the dimension of creativity. Allow images to unfold without censor and feel yourself living the most magnificent life -- a life of joy, creativity and love… This will allow you to grow and gain power inwardly, to embody the feminine and manifest effortlessly. It will help you to be free of the insecurities which block freedom of action.
And since the how and the why is not up to us, (it is up to the Universe, your intuition, The Divine to unfold this to you), I invite you to take part in a ritual ceremony I created using The Manifestor Ritual Kit This kit is designed to help you to amplify prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. This specific ritual guides you to magnify your projection, allowing you to establish a stronger trust in your desires and bring clarity on the path toward them. It also helps to cultivate that trust within toward abundance allowing us to release the lack mentality and strength the truth that you are deserving of your desires. 

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