Before The Ritual was a brand, it was a platform for in-person rituals, ceremonies and therapy. My intention has always been to support others in walking through their pain and owning it to be the catalyst for transformation and incredible creative expansion.
Slowly over the years, sharing my ritualist ways (you now get access to my Ritual secrets in my Private Sessions), I would create tinctures, ointments, bathing potions, and items to support those who would come and join my in-person ceremonies and sessions. Fast forward to now: I am still making and sharing my handmade creations but with a GLOBAL AUDIENCE! I have hundreds of ritual recipes that I have created over the years and I am slowly bringing some of them back to life, following my intuitive guidance and creative ideas.
Although my packaging has had a significant upgrade, my hands still make every.single.item in micro batches. Everything I create is beyond any clean beauty certification or standard, and I will not sell out to mass produce my creations (which is a small misconception of small brands picked up by wholesalers). It does mean my price reflects the artisan but I can assure you of product integrity – there will never be compromises made in any of my creations.
I practise what I preach, this is not a hobby, this is my life.
Ritual may be a fancy word that is trending now, used to boost people’s sales and brand items that have nothing to do with ritual. When you come here to The Ritual, you are not buying into a gimmick or a fad. You are supporting a one-woman show, a woman who has chosen to dedicate her life to support the healing journey of others.
This is why I do what I do: to encourage others to have reverence for oneself. Turning self-care into ritual gifts us a deep sense of reverence for who we are as an individual. It allows us to harness the respect we have for ourselves and gives us a moment in our lives to stop, centre and refocus our intentions. It becomes a mindful pause to pave the way to access the inner world, the authentic self. 
Invite a Sensual Connection to Self
Allow Anointing Oil to be a moment of sensual reconnection to Self. Intended to be used before your Daily Practice or Ceremonies or when you need a moment’s pause, this scent is your first invitation toward the sensual experience of returning to your body.
Anointing Oil has been slowly infused with the intention of helping you connect with your intuition and the love within. This Oil is hand-blended and infused with organic whole plant herbs to bring a sense of calm through sensory awareness, helping elevate moments of ritual throughout your daily life. It is free of essential oils and fragrances.
This anointing oil has a sweet and smokey scent from the slow infusion of whole plant matter in freshly pressed oil (rather than essential oil blends in rancid high PUFA oils) for several months. Each ingredient has either been grown in our own gardens or carefully sourced of the absolute highest quality. Using whole plant matter gives this natural fragrance a very complex, deep scent that others struggle to achieve with other non natural methods.
The plants included in this exclusive creation include:
- Calendula which brings the healing energy of the sun and tends to wounds and scars, stimulates collagen and evens out skin to be smooth and glow with radiant.
- Blue Lotus, used by ancient Egyptians for thousands of years and the likes of Cleopatra for its intoxicating floral scent. The use of sacred blue lotus in this Anointing Oil helps to awaken one’s intuition and increase dopamine.
- Frankincense resin is from the Boswellia tree and supports communication and reduces inflammation.
- Myrrh supports healthy skin and wound healing and also helps instil a meditative mind.
Ritual Suggestion
Before any type of Ritual Ceremony, performed for myself or in a group, I like to anoint myself, merging all aspects of who I am into that one moment. I believe that Ritual should be a sensual experience and what better way to titillate the senses, returning to the body than through smell and touch?
Holding the oil in your hands, close your eyes and pause for a moment. When you feel a positive intention has become clear, place the oil onto the pulse points of your body: the inner wrists, temples, behind the ears and between the breasts.
As the oil sinks into your skin, take deep cleansing breaths and allow the plant infusion to commune their botanical powers over your sacred temple and support your magnetism. This is a beautiful way to call yourself into the present moment and to set an intention for yourself. Your intention or invocation could be as simple as: I am here now.
As you pause to apply the oil to your pulse points after a long day’s work as a pause or reminder that you are now here for yourself or your family as the day winds down or begins.
Or your intention might be more specific as you anoint yourself before a ritual or ceremony. For example, I like to apply it before I enter into my Private Sessions or before a New or Full Moon Gathering. This small act puts me in the present moment, reminding me to connect to myself, to fill my own cup as I prepare to give to others.
Anointing Oil is the very smell that the word Ritual lingers and commands – a scent of ancient temples and deities from ceremonies and rites performed over thousands of years. This is truly my most favourite fragrance to wear.
My practice is rooted in Earth-based spirituality and so all my products are of the Earth, sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.

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