One way I encourage women to embody their divinity is to self indulge. Goddess Venus champions the art of luxury; the roots of this word mean “grown in abundance,” and Venus is a symbol of abundance, a symbol of excellence.
In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. She was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite. However, Roman Venus had many abilities beyond the Greek Aphrodite; she was a goddess of victory.
When you honour the energy of Venus, you are evoking the feminine, the fertile, the creative forces, the beauty, the compassion, and the love. Friday, the Day of Venus, we look at embodying our divinity through the delight of luxuriating. Luxuriating involves highlighting our sensuality - our senses. Bathing in the delight of self-care and ritual.

Unleash the Goddess Within

The Venus Body Oil is named after the goddess of love and sensuality and was created to use daily and in your Venus rituals on the Day of Venus (Friday). Since Venus is all about indulging the senses through the art of Self luxuriating, this oil is meant to be a sensual experience reminiscent of ancient goddesses and deities.
Handmade and slow infused, the hypnotic scent features smoky earth notes and a sweet lingering kiss of warmth that connects you with the energies and archetype of Venus. The gold kiss it leaves on the skin acts as a precious reminder of your value, whilst leaving a mystical and warm shadow of fragrance on the skin for several hours.
Each ingredient has been carefully sourced, is of the absolute highest quality and the infusion is handmade by me:
Grandfather frankincense protect you
Grandmother myrrh nurture you
Lover rose opens you to new profound depths
Calming violets release tension and inflammation
Awakening blue lotus connects you to your psychic self and intuition
May the calendula be the sunshine that radiates from within
This oil is a slow six moon infusion of organic whole plant matter in the highest quality organic olive oil local to our Atelier. Produced only in micro batches (one batch only makes 14 bottles) when the plants are at their peak, 𝒱𝑒𝓃𝓊𝓈 𝐵𝑜𝒹𝓎 𝒪𝒾𝓁 caresses your skin with loving embrace of warmth and gold.
The creation of Venus Body Oil has been a beautiful act of self–love, honouring each part of my body’s journey: scars, lines, spots, every inch in a powerful and sacred being, a woman. When I first made this for myself, people would constantly ask what fragrance I was wearing, and I began to gift little brown glass bottles of this goodness. The scent lingers on the skin for so many hours, it was hard for them to believe the fragrance was a result of only pure herbal infused extracts within the oil itself.
What better way than to anoint your sacred temple, your body with this golden elixir infused with Violet, Rose, Lotus and Frankincense and the innovation of Venus herself - Queen of luxury and sensuality.
Ritual Suggestion
Invoking Venus is invoking the feminine and I believe it is important to carve time out of your day or week to luxuriate and honour the goddess within. On Fridays, I am very lucky to have the day to myself and enjoy taking this time to myself to do whatever I like or to indulge in something that gives me pleasure.
On the Day of Venus, I invite you to carve a moment alone. Venus Body Oil is intended to connect to the senses. The scent is hypnotic and liquid gold on the skin.
There are many ways to use this precious oil. It is suggested to massage the oil onto the body after a bathing ritual to anoint oneself with reverence and love of the Self. You can choose to do this everyday or make it extra special for the Day of Venus. Another way I use this oil in bathing is by applying it onto the skin in the bath. A small amount goes a long way and the oil mixes with the heat of bath water creating a luscious, natural exfoliation that caresses the skin with a golden kiss of luxury and fragrance once you emerge. And finally, I like to also use this oil for breast massage. This practice is very special and incredibly nurturing for your beautiful body. Simply pour a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and begin anointing one breast with the precious oil. You can choose to move clockwise or counterclockwise: simply close your eyes and move intuitively, allowing your body to relax and melt into relaxation. If this is your first time performing breast massage or full body massage, relaxation might feel awkward but I invite you to push past that. As you continue to allow yourself this moment, your body will slowly relax.
Whether in the bath or while performing full body or breast massage, speak words of affirmation and love to yourself such as:
I am beautiful, magnetic and abundant
The world comes to me in Oceans; I am overflowing with…
As you massage your skin, feel the words entering the body. Allow yourself to embody these words and live within you as you go about your day.
My practice is rooted in Earth-based spirituality and so all my products are of the Earth, sustainably sourced or cultivated by me and each element is tenderly combined while nurturing their finest organic qualities that surpass any clean beauty standard.

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